Wednesday, April 23, 2014


14K Gold-Filled Blue Jade
and Apatite Maia Earrings
There are many iconic historic structures in Korea and one of them is the Popchusa Temple.

Built over 1,300 years ago the temple is believed to be dedicated to Maitreya Buddhism.  Korea is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Easter Ahn.

Where Indonesian jeweler Julia Hadi’s style aesthetic is cool and icy due largely to the diamond sets, 18-karat white gold, sterling silver and white pearls; Ahn’s affordable fashion jewelry line exudes warmth and movement.

The lush colors of blue chalcedony, chrysoprase, peridot and yellow jade evoke vine fruit or flowers. 

Her ethereal 14-karat gold-filled designs are summer-ready; airy and flirty.  Ahn combines simple accents with like accents to build an understated yet captivating design style. 

There are necklaces that feature two or three different gold chain types; and concave metallic discs accentuate wafer-cut gemstone pendants.  There are also lovely dangle earrings that highlight elegant wire wrap accents.

The Michigan-based jeweler earned degrees in Organizational Studies, Graphic Design and Industrial Design from the University of Michigan

14K Gold-Filled Adrianna Obsidian Double-Layer Necklace
However, while working as a Product Developer in Los Angeles, California she began making jewelry in her downtime.  As with many other auspicious jewelry making origins, Ahn’s hobby proved to be a passion and her wares generated lots of inquiries.

“When I started wearing the jewelry I made friends and strangers alike took notice,” recalls the certified gemologist.  “I can’t believe it has been nine years since I started designing, making and breathing jewelry. 

The simplicity and complexity of nature, shapes, art and culture are the foundation of my style.  I am constantly seeking a new challenge which means I always analyze and reinvent perspectives on this art form.

My jewelry is versatile.  They are simple and functional for everyday wear; sophisticated and elegant for business; and sexy for special occasions.  I am dedicated to the business of creating the finest handcrafted masterpieces.”

14K Gold Filled Emmy Earrings with
Blue Topaz
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertIn many cases, fashion or costume jewelry is no longer associated with sub-par materials.  

In fact fashion jewelry like Ahn’s gorgeous 14-karat gold-filled and gemstone creations are on point for this year’s style trend.
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