Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Sterling Silver Mystic Dreamer
Pendant Necklace
with Amethyst
The astounding Hawa Mahal Palace (Palace of the Winds), located in Jaipur, India, is a visual stunner with its pink exterior, over 900 windows, and double floors.  India is also home to featured jewelry designer Shubhra Singh.

There is nothing like stylish ethereal jewelry that perfectly complements a woman’s inner and outer beauty. 

Singh’s handmade jewelry of sterling silver and luminous gemstones is the perfect complement.

Designs like her Wise Love Chakra Pendant Necklace reference the mysterious chakras; lovely floral patterns are central to her Mystic Ferns Earrings; and dainty sterling tendrils enhance her Azure Crown Pendant Necklace.

Muted hues of blue topaz, white pearls and pink rhondonite serve as understated accents to designs that are ornamental and modern.

The one-time Physics major and former web designer felt something was missing while employed with an IT company.  “Doing web design and IT was interesting but somehow I was not satisfied.  I wanted to do something that allowed me to use my creativity,” Singh recalls.

Sterling Silver Blue Intensify Cuff Links with Lapis Lazuli
“While I studied Physics I also took a three-year diploma course in fine arts.  I was always fascinated by music and art.  I learned to play the sitar when I was around 20 years old. 

I got to thinking I could use my creativity to design jewelry.  I learned silversmithing techniques and when I mastered those, I took a course in meenakari work.  In time I set up a workshop; and people began appreciating my work. 

I had the good fortune of gaining sponsors that allowed me to participate in a few exhibitions including the Delhi Blind Relief Association.  I am happy that through I can continue to expand.”

Inspiration Wrap Bracelet with Stainless Steel
and Chalcedony
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertMinimalism is central to Singh’s cool, clean aesthetic and this classic style along with soft, muted gemstone colors is on trend for the New Year.
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