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Black and White Sterling Silver Necklace
Located between German cities Bingen and Koblenz is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Rhine Gorge

Situated smack dab in the center of Rhine Valley it consists of mainly slate rocks from the Devonian Period.  Germany is also home to featured jewelry designer Nora Rochel.

There is a strong contemporary art influence within Rochel’s visually arresting jewelry of fair trade sterling silver, aluminum and bronze.  

Though she manages to produce wearable items, there is also a clear sense of whimsy. 

Her flora-inspired rings and necklaces conjure the backdrops and landscapes of an unusual yet remarkably beautiful fairytale world.

For instance, the bulging pebble-like frame of gray silver that surrounds and suspends a single cut of green jade evokes a Winter Goddess.  She surveys the lifeless trees and overcast skies.  The jade stone, a reminder of vitality and life, is a gift from her sister the Spring Goddess.

Rochel’s play of muted color schemes showcases her deft metal work: granules of white, black and gray silver or gold captures the eye and the imagination.  A graduate of both Korea’s Kookmin University and Germany’s Pforzheim University of Applied Science, Rochel draws inspiration from “the world of flower and plants.”
Sterling Silver Earrings
“I look deeper into the subject of plants; its cycle of growth, bloom and decay.  I am fascinated by superstitions surrounding traditional folk medicine. 

My work relates to the past and the future with use of futuristic forms and the concept that there are still undiscovered plants.  I am inspired by the full spectrum of their complexity and variegation.”

Her romantic yet powerful designs have been featured in publications Push Jewellery and Contemporary Jewellery.  She has participated in both solo and group exhibitions in galleries around the globe including Thailand, London, Switzerland, and Poland.

Patinated Fair Trade Sterling Silver Ring
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertRochel excels at pairing subdued colors within offbeat yet lovely outlines and structures which is on trend for the New Year.
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