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18K White Gold 3-Wheels Diamond Bracelet
Curious whales and dolphins can be seen during August and September while scuba diving at Indonesia’s Manado Dive Resort

The lush locale is a volcanic island with plenty of “fresh fruits and vegetables.” 

Indonesia is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Julia Hadi.

One simple detail deserves another.  Hadi’s gorgeous Batik Diamond Bracelet is a perfect example of this philosophy as the design highlights the replication of a simple, slight curvature.  It is a breathtaking yet delicate statement piece.

Hadi’s timelessly beautiful fine jewelry collections of white diamonds, South Sea pearls, jadeite, sterling silver, and 18-karat gold are, once again, a display of subtle yet exuberant details.  She understands that those details must be at once lyrical and substantive.

Hadi, however, has a bit of a rebellious side with designs like the Daun Amethyst Ring.  The outlines of the ring setting are a tad grotesque and a bit cluttered nonetheless it will capture the eye.

Like many of her contemporaries, Hadi’s love of great jewelry began in her youth.  Her strong inclination eventually led to Hadi acquiring a position as jewelry rep while she studied accounting and finance.

18K Gold Daun Amethyst Ring
However, this persistent drive culminated in Hadi pursuing specialized training in jewelry design, diamond grading and production.

“Our promise for the sparkling brilliance in our diamonds is fulfilled in our Diamonds Collection.  We make use of extravagant shapes of diamonds,” says Hadi. 

“I strive for excellence in the selection of all gemstones.  We use only high quality jadeite found in Burma, Myanmar.  The stones are carved to signify Feng Shui characters.

Every gemstone has its own sentimental value and definition in varying cultures.  A specific gemstone gives a wearer the opportunity to show her personality and individual traits.  A gemstone can represent the mysterious beauty within one’s soul.”
Caesar Segara Pendant Necklace

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertHadi’s stunning fine jewelry designs highlight the muted hue color trend.  

Pearlescent white, white diamonds and gold South Sea pearls round out the gorgeous palette.
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