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Red Silk and Turquoise Earrings
Controversy aside South Africa’s Kimberley Diamond Mines is a site of jaw dropping proportions. 

Located in the capital city of Kimberley the area is so large it can be seen from outer space!  South Africa is also home to featured designer jewelry brand Joya Jewellery.

Having prepped research and write-ups since 2009 something like viewing colorful jewelry online comes with the territory. 

However, seeing colorful gemstone arrangements from different jewelry collections stir different responses.  Sometimes I find the color style simply pretty or it evokes hues found in nature.  I have found that color can also suggest a mood. 

Where Joya Jewellery is concerned the lovely dance of spheres of purple and lemon quartz, rainbow jade and blue agate evoke joy!  Elegant designs of gemstone bead necklaces with neon colored tassels; bracelets of colorful, woven silk threads as well as three tier wrap bracelets are an expression of bright, bubbly exuberance!

Founded in 2011, Joya Jewellery is the style baby of mother-daughter team Daphne and Victoria Fenner.  While studying history at South Africa’s Rhodes University Victoria made jewelry part-time. 

Her time apprenticing with a jeweler in London made a sure-fire impact to her already brimming creative tendencies.  However, when her mother, Daphne, told her she had purchased a jewelry business and asked her to run the company it was an offer Victoria could not refuse.

“I had always been interested in jewelry design.  I even sold some of my designs to local shops while I was at university.  When I got my degree my mother offered to back me with setting up the Joya Collection
Orange Leather Tally Necklace with Charms
My mother and I are both very creative so building up a jewelry company seemed like a natural progression.  We are able to take something we love doing and make a career out of it.”

Though the “color, texture and energy of Africa” serves as top inspiration for the brand, Victoria makes sure to stay abreast of style trends, and she continues to add to their talented staff of jewelry makers.

“I study trends and interpret them in my own way so they are relevant to the Joya brand identity. I have to ensure that the designs are commercially viable in South Africa,” Victoria explains.

“It is also necessary to have an eye for detail and color, patience and deft fingers.  Many of our jewelry makers have a natural talent for jewelry crafting.  The team is so intuitive.  They know exactly how to interpret my designs.”

Both Victoria and Daphne work hard to expand the brand’s global awareness.  “My mother’s passion is sales and marketing and she wants to make sure Joya is on the way to becoming an internationally recognized brand through using a solid PR company.

Joya is aimed at the individual who wants to own a piece of handcrafted jewelry . . . not something mass produced.  We want to break into some new markets and get the attention of more distributors. 

We are thrilled to have models like Candice Swanepoel as a fan of the brand.  We believe in our brand so strongly that we know eventually it will get the recognition it deserves.”

Gold Vermeil and Purple Quartz Amber Bracelet
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertTravel themes and cross-gender fashion are big style influences this year.  

The vibrant colors of Joya Jewellery enlist strong pinks, pale blues and neon yellow of the cross-gender fashion trend.
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