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18K Gold Diamond Sequin Ring
with Diamonds
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Spain’s Cave of Altamira houses ochre and charcoal etched, three-dimensional ceiling paintings from the Magdalenian period.  Spain is also home to featured jewelry designer Arabel Lebrusan.

When it comes to jewelry I feel it is important to be reminded about time-honored techniques. 

It is important to keep techniques like filigree from becoming quite literally buried in time and eventually forgotten.

Lebrusan’s elegant, gossamer-like jewelry of 18-karat gold, gold plating and oxidized sterling silver calls upon the stunning intricacy of filigree work.  Designs in cuff bracelets, necklaces and chandelier earrings highlight cascading chain links, and are reminiscent of vintage Spanish lace.

The award-winning jewelry designer invested years putting together a team of highly skilled Spanish craftsmen to produce her unique filigree statement pieces. 

In addition to the lithe showstoppers, Lebrusan’s team of artisans creates sublime wheat sheaf and spiral engravings on metal surfaces as well as beautifully fluid bridal jewelry.

18K Gold Lace Necklace
The former Creative Director of Leblas Jewellery makes a point to strive for nothing short of excellence.  That level of excellence includes ethical practices.

“I have an extensive background in the design and manufacture of fine and fashion jewelry.  I wanted to explore traditional techniques, like filigree, in contemporary ways,” explains the alumna of both London’s Central St. Martins School of Art and Design, and the University of Madrid. 

“After seeing the world of mass manufacture and consumption I worked to create an environment that was intimate and comfortable for workers. 

I wanted to revitalize the European heritage that is fast disappearing and bring unique, traditional techniques to a new generation of customers.  Using ethical and fair trade metals and gemstones was a natural progression.  I love to create.”
18K Gold Silky Drop Chandelier Earrings

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertThere are many style trends this year and among them are snake-inspired baubles!  

Though Lebrusan excels at filigree creations, she also invites a tad bit of edge with her “cobra” and “anaconda” rings.
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