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Hybrid Necklace with Seashells,
Horn and Gold
Holland’s smallest city, Madurodam, has plenty of big surprises to offer. 

Founded just sixty-two years ago, the locale is ripe with a variety of architectural styles, and is home to the wooden shoe factory Klompen Fabriek

Fifteen shoe makers produce 800,000 pairs of wooden shoes painted yellow with red patterns.  The Netherlands is also home to featured jewelry Philip Sajet.

Sajet says it best:  “Beauty knows many forms, I don’t know them all.” This statement appears to be the basis of his visually provocative aesthetic. 

Like many contemporary Dutch jewelry artists Sajet places emphasis on the expressiveness of his chosen art form.  However, unlike many of his contemporaries he opts for mostly traditional materials to create his bold statement pieces.

His beautiful Remnanten Necklace consists of a variety of muted shades, courtesy of rock crystal, rose quartz, jade, smoky quartz and synthetically colored amethyst.  Each stone is left relatively natural in form allowing for the lovely juxtaposition of color and shape.

His rings from the A La Recherché du Joyau Perdu series highlight enameled sterling shanks and flame-like gemstones of rock crystal or amethyst.  Inspired by such artists as Lucia Freud and David Hockney Sajet expands his palette of what is beautiful which in turn expands the style ideas of a potential wearer.

Rock Crystal Ring with Enamel and Silver Band
“Jewelry has always been very standard.  It has always been an instrument of power or personality confirmation.  Now there are more and more materials and techniques, and there are more and more people making jewelry.  So the result is more and more “individualistic” jewels,” he says.

“I have been many places and I know many cultures.  I believe my work has “universal” elements.  What I hope for when someone sees my work is very simple: that he or she enjoys looking at it.”

Sajet’s remarkable works has been showcased in both solo and group exhibitions in galleries around the world including Chicago, Beijing and Paris.

Gold and Red Glass Collar Necklace
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertSajet’s spirited style includes muted shades of brown, white and yellow as well as pops of deep red glass.  

His chunky statement necklaces, particularly his horn necklace, are tribal in form.  Of course subdued and vivid color schemes and tribal necklaces are on trend for the year.
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