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18K Gold Spire and
Temple Bangle Bracelets
New York City is the locale to many renowned sites and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is one of them.  For fifty-five years The Guggenheim, as it is known, houses innumerable modern paintings and sculptures. 

However the museum’s design that highlights a spiral ramp leading to a magnificent domed skylight is a show stopping attraction.  New York is also home to featured jewelry designer Katrina Kelly.

I am of the mindset that timeless design can be more than a universal symbol like circle or four leaf clovers.  It can be expressive and dynamic not given to standard ideas.

Kelly’s luminous 18-karat gold, platinum and sterling silver charm and ring sets are classic style wrapped in exuberance! 

The hammered and satiny textures of the metals.  The granules.  The vivid and muted shades of semi-precious and precious gemstones.  Each stunning detail provides an Old World, almost vintage quality to this feminine and sophisticated line of jewelry.

Kelly’s Heart Crown Pendant Necklace, from the Stack and Layer Collection, is a beautiful example of Kelly’s deft ability at capturing the aura of antiquities. 

The supple curvature of the heart design has the fabulous look of an antique doorknocker while less ornamental and baroque.  It is alternately powerful and delicate; regal and feminine.

Wisdom Wands, Layers of Love and Stacks and Layers Charms
Ironically, however, Kelly initially balked at Old World style as her parents were avid collectors. “I grew up surrounded by antiques.  Growing up almost every Sunday we went to church then went to the antique market.  I was taken to estate sales and auctions.  They could not get enough,” she recalls.

“I, on the other hand, certainly did not appreciate any of these activities until much later.  I rebelled in college and intentionally studied Modernism. 

Still it is the past innovations and style that I am always drawn to historically and aesthetically.  It is now my ideal notion of what beauty is!”

Thanks to Costume Designer Stephanie Maslansky Kelly’s ideal notion of beauty has been placed alongside the equally beautiful Matt Bomer!  Maslansky scooped up Kelly’s Anastasia Drop Earrings and Rococo Winged Hoop Earrings and adorned actors Marsha Thomason and Tiffani Amber Thiesen of White Collar.  

That is not all!  Kelly’s unique design style has also been featured in such magazines as Brides, Elle, InStyle and Lucky.

“When I studied with jewelry masters in Florence, Italy there was nothing more powerful and awe-inspiring than walking by Filippo Brunelleschi’s dome every day.  This type of skill stands the test of time.  With that in mind, I want my jewelry to be heirlooms and timeless.”

18K Gold Assortment of Layers of Love
Stack Rings
with Diamonds
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertAgain bold and soft color schemes are a prominent style trend this year, and Kelly beautifully highlights both color styles in her Wisdom Wands Collection.
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