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Sterling Silver and Lilac Power of Life 
Dangle Earrings
Flores, Guatemala is a scenic conduit that leads to the Tikal National Park.

Walk along distinctive cobblestone roads to eateries and handicraft stores, or on a boat ride along the lake Lago Peten Itza.

Central America is also home to featured jewelry designer Zandra Lorena Sajbin.

Simplicity in design can be a bit boho chic; it can be cutesy; it can be bland and dull; or it can be pretty but plain.  The differentiation lies in the details.  

Sajbin’s classically styled handmade designs of sterling silver and jade are stylish and feminine with hints of regality.

The fluctuating colors of jade in dark and light green, and lilac perfectly complement the cool clear glow of sterling silver.  Fangs, turtles and zinnia flowers serve as inspiration for pendant necklaces, bracelets and cocktail rings.

Sajbin carves jade into symbolic glyphs from the Maya calendar and into candy-like heart forms.  The smooth cuts of opaque jade are reminiscent of creamy, thick liquid.
Sterling Silver and Jade Mixco Modern Bracelet
The thirty-one year old mother of two believes that dreams come true, and she is grateful her hard work to become a skilled jewelry artist has paid off.

After watching her husband work on jewelry designs until the wee hours of the morning, she wanted to assist him in the creation process.  Once he asked for her help, Sajbin has never looked back.

“The first thing I ever made on my own was a pair of earrings.  As I saw the jewelry I had been crafting and saw how beautiful it was I felt happy,” she recalls. 

“It is not easy getting established because silver is very expensive.  I strongly believe, however, that when you set your mind to it you can achieve your goals.  I like to work with jade because it is a sacred stone for us Maya people. 

I enjoy going to fairs and expos to exhibit my jewelry.  I believe my jewelry reflects all the love that I pour into what I do.”
Sterling Silver and Lilac Jade
Jocotenango Pendant Necklace

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertThe effortless beauty of minimalism is evident in Sajbin’s lovely trinkets.  

Muted hues of dark and light green and lilac jade is more fuel to the fire of the year’s style trends. 
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