Thursday, April 3, 2014


18K Gold Diamond Flow Bar
Bracelet with Diamonds & Aquamarine
For 83 years Canada’s Montreal Botanical Garden has provided its visitors with astonishing panoramic views of sumptuous gardens.  

Established during the peak of The Great Depression, of its 200 acres one of the most popular areas is the traditionally styled Japanese Garden complete with swimming koi carp and tea ceremonies.  Canada is also home to featured jewelry designer Anne Sportun.

Due to its durable precious materials jewelry is timeless as a pendant, ring or locket is passed down from one generation to another.

In the case of Sportun’s buoyant jewels of iridescent 18-karat gold, conflict-free white and black diamonds, aquamarine and ruby there is an additional element.  There is an intangible, otherworldly radiance in the glow of the gold where dangle earrings or link bracelets seem imbued with the energy and beauty of the cosmos. 

In fact, Sportun’s high-end collections Eclipse, Stardust and Sunburst each reference the ethereal beauty of celestial bodies.

It is no surprise that the Toronto-based jeweler has been enamored with the shiny and pretty since high school.  It is clear that she has an intuitive sense for what is beautiful.  She understands which components should be combined and those that should not.  She understands that jewelry should be tactile, graceful and illuminating.

18K Gold Paraiba Nebula Pendant Necklace
“I began experimenting with jewelry in my parents’ basement.  My father was a high school shop instructor and he had a workshop full of tools,” she recalls.  “When I was 16 years old I delivered my very first wholesale order. 

At the time I had no idea I had taken the first steps towards a career in jewelry making.  Before I graduated from high school I had planned to study archaeology in college but I made a conscious decision to defer those studies and enrolled in a three year Jewellery Arts Program.”

Determined to make a name for herself, 27 years ago Sportun registered her brand Experimetal Jewellery Works while working part-time at an architect’s office.  After striking up a friendship with a fellow employee, and future business partner, Barbara Kelly, in 1992 she and Kelly opened their first store in downtown Toronto.

“I think about how the piece will be worn over the person’s life and all the life events that will be experienced wearing something I made for them. 

I hope to encourage an intimate exchange between each piece of jewelry and its wearer.  This kind of communication is not bound by words, geography or ethnicity but by a universal language of shape, symbols and form.”
18K Gold Flat Oval Blue and White Paraiba
Tourmaline Ring

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertSportun’s lush creations highlight minimalist bracelets that hold a single charm or gemstone which is a popular trend this year.  

The rich color of red is also a style trend this year, and Sportun makes full use of it via ruby gemstones.
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