Monday, April 21, 2014


Sterling Silver and
Black Brass Corners Rings
A great way to see China’s rolling landscapes is through the Yangtze River Cruise that flows along the country’s longest river, Yangtze. 

Among the places that can be viewed on the cruise is Shibaoazhai: home of twelve story temples.  China is also home to featured jewelry brand Everard and Wang.

Asian jewelry designers are masters of simplicity in a way that is both powerful and graceful.  They know how to select the right combination of form and color to make the ordinary become chic. 

Wang Lei (Creative Director) and Ariel Welby Everard’s (Marketing) affordable jewelry brand, Everard and Wang, is all about clean, modern details where pure forms of geometry take central stage.

Dazzling geometric patterns are expertly cultivated from sterling silver to 18- or 24-karat gold plated brass and accented with semi-precious gemstones that include malachite, lapis lazuli and coffee jasper. 

Their Fang Yuan open cuff bracelets fashioned alternately from 18-karat gold plated brass and sterling silver highlight smooth, polished metallics alongside a center point of single, asymmetrical cut gemstones. 

Then of course is the always elegant multi-strand pearl necklace; the satiny finish of gold plated discs on the POP Chain Necklace; and the three-dimensional brass corner protector ring.

Labradorite Roundels Necklace
Drawing inspiration from 1960s pop art, cappuccino, and Chinese landscape, water color paintings the Everard and Wang brand is simplicity at its best.

In fact, Wang’s background in dance, as well as her experience as a chief buyer for a boutique she opened 11 years ago, finds its way into the brand’s overall sophisticated style.

“I studied dance when I was younger but jewelry was my true passion,” says Wang who was a member of the Beijing Art Troupe.  “I remember spending hours as a kid collecting string and beads and creating whatever I wanted. 

Dance, however, influences how I make my jewelry designs.  As a dancer I was trained to be very sensitive; you have to take on the personality of the role you play.  That training translates to the jewelry.  When I design I become one with it.

Like dance with jewelry you see the elegance of femininity.  It isn’t until you have observed it more closely that you see a piece has strong power just like the power associated with dance.  I want my pieces to convey the image of a modern woman.”

18K Gold Plated Brass Fang Yuan Circle
and Square Open Bangle Bracelet
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertMinimalism is all the rage this year with pared down accessories like Everard and Wang’s ultra-cool Fuan Yang cuff bracelets and POP Collar Necklace.
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