Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Multi-Strand Patagonia Necklace with
Red Velvet Quartz and Batik Dyed Bone
The Japanese city of Okinawa is a blend of both Chinese and Japanese cultures. 

With that in mind the city offers diverse activities and cuisine including performances by Eisa dancers of Gyokusendo Kingdom Village, and Okinawa soba (wheat soup with pork). 

Japan is also the ancestral home to featured jewelry designer Zia Sachedina.

Sachedina’s exotic eight-and-a-half-year old brand, ZIA, is a direct reflection of his multi-cultural ancestral background, as well as his extensive worldwide travels.

However, Africa, where he was born and attended school, serves as his greatest source of style inspiration.

Unlike other jewelry brands ZIA does not highlight necklaces or bracelets made with African trade beads.  ZIA instead explores the breadth of African beauty through cinnabar, water buffalo horn, gorgeous seed pods from Jacaranda trees, and fish bones from the Nile River Perch. 

He does not overwhelm his designs with tribal themes but the beauty of form and color like the cascading and sexy 14-karat gold filled Monte Carlo Necklace; or the vivid red of carved cinnabar hoop earrings.

Sachedina also serves as a curator to his Georgia-based brand selecting not only jewelry but home d├ęcor from a talented array of international designers.

A self-described “global citizen” Sachedina strives to literally bring the world to his customers.  A feat that some initially feared would not flourish in a “traditional” Southern locale.

14K Gold Filled Sticks and Stones Earrings with Ruby,
Citrine and Pyrite
“I am excited to share tokens of my travels with Savannah residents.  I was never scared the designs would not sell,” says the former model. 

“I credit my mother for my knowledge of jewelry and my enthusiasm. She ran her own jewelry business for over twenty years.  She taught me about the rigors of retail business.

Including the collection I created the jewelry is very exclusive due to the fact that the designers come from abroad, and make one-of-a-kind items.  I take great pride in the quality of the collections and most importantly to offer them at affordable prices. 

I want people to walk down the streets and get reactions from other people like 'Wow. You look incredible.  Where did you get that?'”

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertJewelry that captures the global design stage, particularly Africa, is a trend for the New Year.  
14K Gold Filled and Rhodium Brazilian Gold
Bracelet with Jasper
The ZIA brand is the quintessential expression of this trend with the exotic gold outlines of voluptuous Fulani Earrings and the deep red hues of cinnabar.
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