Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Batis Necklace from 2011 A/W Collection
Nir and Ardabil are two Iranian cities renowned in their own right.  The city of Nir is a conduit of the Silk Road.

With a prime location near the salty waters of the Caspian Sea and Lake Urmia, Nir has formed a thriving salt industry. 

The city of Ardabil on the other hand is famous for its carpet industry.  Iran is also the birth place of featured jewelry designer Maryan Keyhani.

There is no question about it; fashion is art.  Keyhani’s haute necklace designs of gold plated brass and ruched silk and tulle fabric epitomizes this fact. 

The elegant jewelry creations highlight fabric of green and black, blue and gold, or gold and black, and accented with glossy, white pearls.  They are lyrical statement pieces in their amalgamation of texture, form and color.

The genesis of Keyhani’s gorgeous necklaces began while indulging in another creative outlet, painting.  “I was living in Paris at the time and I was putting all these accessories on the women in my paintings.  I thought to myself that I could make those accessories in real life,” says the Toronto-based jewelry artist.

The Ontario College of Art and Design graduate sourced feathers, beads and metal components from flea markets to produce her sumptuous necklaces for herself.  Once admirers showed interest and placed orders Keyhani decided to leave her job as a fashion publicist to pursue jewelry design.

Amedee Necklace from 2011 A/W Collection
“I need to be creative.  A big part of my aesthetic is the blend of masculine and feminine.  Today I source fabrics from New York.  I wanted to find new ways to manipulate fabric,” she explains. 

“The metal components of my designs are done by a sword maker!  Each design comes with a card stating that it is handmade, and is shipped out in silk bags.  It is funny art history has been my thing.  I still don’t consider myself a jewelry maker.”

Bestra Necklace from A/W Collection
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertColor, whether subtle or vivid, is huge this year, and Keyhani’s designs fit the bill by way of lush, exotic fabric.
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