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Spring and Summer Ring
Calakmul, Mexico is among one of the largest ancient Maya cities.  With an expanse of nearly 2 million acres the site holds over 100 limestone obelisks, and murals.  Mexico is also home to featured jewelry designer Gabriela Ramirez Michel.

True creativity in jewelry making is not about restraints or following rules.  It is about honest expression.

Michel’s aesthetic seems anchored in something magical and mystical.  It is elaborate, molten, strange and mercurial.  Unique and varied presentation does not frighten her.

Her lavishly askew jewelry designs of 24-karat gold plated bronze and semi-precious gemstones are a study of remarkable style diversity and imagination. 

Michel’s Prince Frog Ring features a chunk of smooth rose quartz carved into the form of a frog; while her Spring Summer Ring highlights a gold plated bronze band with what resembles a gorgeous flower petal as the setting.

Her fanciful, one-of-a-kind style is attracting lots of attention too!  Recently InStyle’s UK edition caught reality television star Kim Kardashian wearing the jeweler’s Golden Butterfly Blooming Ring.

The self-taught, soulful jewelry artist acknowledges that her creative process is unhurried and natural.
Crocodile in Love Pendant Necklace
“My jewels are inspired by dreams, poems, promises, birds and mermaids.  I have known I was a jeweler since I lived in my mother’s womb.  I had no options . . . it was part of my destiny.  

I grew up wrapped in my Fathers texts, words and hugs. In his strength and in his endless poetry.  In watercolors shaped like a woman, in the scent of vanilla, and in the delicious flavor of Mexican cacao.  I create instinctively and emotionally.  I work freely with no mental structures or plan. 

My creative process is like a living organism that grows and behaves in different manners. I am a sculptor and I let my hands fly and surprise me with a new form in wax.  My designs are pure, sensual and bold.”

In addition to her official website, Michel's jewelry is available for purchase at
24K Gold Plated Brass Ruffle Golden Bracelet
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertMichel’s idiosyncratic statement pieces exemplify three of the year’s style trends: offbeat design ideas, over-sized cuff bracelets, and jewelry made with cost-effective alloys like brass.
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