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Smoky Quartz and Diamond Pendant Necklace
Touted as one of Russia’s major “religious centers,” Suzdal is an 11th century city that houses spectacular 13th and 17th century churches and cathedrals.
Russia is also home to featured jewelry designer Alexei Soldatov.

In some cases luxury jewelry can be rather . . . extreme style-wise.  It seems that the intent of some artisans is to present the jewelry as an ostentatious expression of wealth.

Pendant necklaces to dangle earrings are bogged down by ornate, bulky details and self-conscious pavé sets that push the limits of extravagance!

Soldatov’s luxury brand, Alex Soldier, however exemplifies a decidedly elegant design style with flourishes of regality.  

His nature-inspired creations of 18-karat yellow, rose and white gold, rhodium plated sterling silver with accents of gemstones that include brown diamonds, citrine and white topaz is quintessential Old World glamour.  

With Russian folk legends and the late Jacqueline Kennedy as inspiration, lavish details are Soldatov's signature whether a modest gemstone pendant of smoky quartz, or opulent, textured pearl rings.

Although he initially studied computer engineering his penchant for painting, and sculpture would prove to be a powerful force. 

In 1981, after six months of serving as an intern at one of the Ural Mountain region’s largest jewelry plants, Soldatov was promoted to chief designer.
18K Gold Peridot and Diamond Earrings and Ring
 The jeweler then relocated to the United States nine years later where he perfected his techniques and knowledge of his deft skills spread.  In 1996 the Jewelers of America Show New Designer Gallery selected Soldatov as a “dynamic designer”. 

He is the recipient of the Platinum Guild International’s Spectrum Award.  He ultimately strives to create immaculate works of jewelry art.  Needless to say he excels at this.

“For me jewelry is a work of art.  Each collection is a creation of new form, texture and structure.  It represents a part of me.  

I strive to find a new composition or finish of metal, unusual forms, or unique stone settings to create a piece that is beautiful and distinctive. 

I design with careful planning and great thought.  I want my jewelry to be recognized as the original works of a designer like no other, as well as for their own individuality.  

Individuality is the most important feature to my clients. They are not looking for jewelry only for fashion's sake; but for the soul.”

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver
Textured Cuff Bracelet with White Topaz
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertSoldatov’s exquisite jewelry collections have something for everyone: color that includes off-whites, pinks and browns; and quirky, offbeat designs like his snail and sunflower creations.  All are on trend for the year.
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