Monday, May 5, 2014


Brass Third Eye Necklace with Labradorite
Characterized by layers of sedimentary rocks and glaciers the Canadian Rockies is an awe-inspiring sight. 

Scattered throughout the rugged terrain are five national parks that include Kootenay, Jasper, and Banff.  Canada is also home to featured jewelry designer Corrine Anestopoulos.

Anestopoulos’ ten-year-old fashion jewelry brand, Biko, is an eclectic vision of brass African prayer boxes, gladiator-like chainmail, and Tilapia fish leather. 

It is a powerful yet streamlined aesthetic of contrasting components that is alternately regal, bohemian and edgy. 

Her ability to capture different facets and moods is a decidedly organic process for the Ryerson University alumna.

“I am all about texture and shape.  I love brass, and vintage and modern design.  It makes me feel warm and safe.  I get quite a bit of vintage materials from Toronto, Montreal, New York and England.

My creative process is playing around.  I am inspired by the materials I find and I don’t know what I am going to do until I see the piece come together.  I design for myself because it just so happens to be what sells,” she explains.  “I try not to be too girly; contrasts will always be a running theme in my work.”

14K Gold Plated Teardrop Slice Stud Earrings
And there are contrasts aplenty from mini-studded earrings to howlite spikes to vintage-style brass arrowheads to double pointed amethyst stones!  

It is an aesthetic that shifts from Earth Goddess spirituality to down-to-earth grit.  In addition to producing her statement pieces Anestopoulos is busy gaining more exposure for her brand.

“I started working with PR reps a few years ago, and I hope to get more exposure in the U.S. and internationally. I have been working with sales agents in New York and it’s coming together.

Before I started making jewelry I thought I was going to be a graphic designer.  Biko is a “modern nostalgic” brand that is inspired by heirlooms, foreign travel and my personal favorite warm sunny days.  Each piece tells a story allowing the wearer’s imagination to run free.”

Stretchy Chainmail Bracelets
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertAnestopoulos’ glamorous fashion jewelry brand highlight sultry chainmail bracelets, and arresting brass tribal necklaces both on trend for the New Year.
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