Monday, May 19, 2014


Oxidized and Sterling Silver
Cuff Bracelets
The Israeli city Tiberias, and its surrounding areas, rival its more high-profile counterparts Jerusalem and Bethlehem.  

Located near the Sea of Galilee, the city boasts a popular exhibit of a 2,000 year-old boat recovered during the lifetime of Jesus.  Israel is also home to featured jewelry designer Tomer Matityahu.

Jewelry can be simultaneously powerful and pared down.  It is a combination that seems diametrically opposed yet Matityahu’s clean aesthetic nails it.

The simple juxtaposition of white sterling silver with black lava stones or black rubber with oxidized silver is so restrained and yet so striking.

A graduate of the Avni Institute of Art and Design the sculptural outlines of his curvilinear handmade collections is informed by the principles of product design and jewelry making.  And although his massive sterling silver cuff bracelets appear to be cumbersome Matityahu keeps the wearer in mind.

“Ever since I can remember I was looking into forms and materials.  I grew up watching my father make jewelry and this urged me to touch and feel materials; to cut and assemble them,” he recalls.

24K Gold Vermeil Net Earrings
“A jewel is not only a thing of beauty, but also a non-verbal way of communicating.  I strongly respect how the human body relates to jewelry.  My work implies the finger is part of the ring.  It is the coming together of a human with a motionless material.

It is very important to me as a designer and goldsmith to engage between these worlds of materials, technique and functionality and to maintain a free relation among all these elements.”

24K Gold Vermeil and Fabric Bracelets
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertThe New Year is all about strong presentation and Matityahu’s has plenty with bold cuffs and layered lava rings.
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