Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Anodized Aluminum Rococo Heart Pendant Necklace
with Freshwater Pearls
Located in the inner Hebrides of Scotland is the Isle of Skye.  Considered by many as enchanted, the island is shrouded in fairy lore.

As a matter of fact the island is the location of Faerie Glen where fairies are believed to hold “secret meetings.”

Scotland is also home to featured jewelry designer Marion Barclay.

Classic style in jewelry design can be very beautiful.  Whether that beauty is crisp and modern or buoyant depends on the arrangement of the details.

Creative minds love to play with details from color to texture to form.

With her jewelry brand Marion Made, Barclay excels in playing with various materials including aluminum, sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones.  On one hand, vintage, ornamental patterns carved from anodized aluminum are details that build festive creations of magenta, pink and blue.

On the other hand, her sterling silver creations are an exercise of delicacy with her signature “dotty” style composed of small silver beads.
Sterling Silver Dotty Oval Earrings with Freshwater Pearls
Her Dotty Pearl Pendant Necklace is a gorgeous display of this delicacy: an open oval arrangement of silver beads accented with a single, white pearl dangling from the oval’s apex.  Each is a beautiful play of sustained details.

“I use a well-developed transfer printing technique and dip dyeing to create my anodized designs.  I am fascinated by bold, ornate imagery,” says the Glasgow-based jeweler.

“I am inspired by floral patterns and the Victorian era.  Each design is handmade in my workshop, and I strive to create everyday jewelry that is pretty, elegant and feminine.”

Note: Barclay's Etsy shop, Marion Made, appears to be currently closed.

Anodized Aluminum Rococo Pink Charm Bracelet
with Rose Quartz
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertJewelry trends highlighting alternately subtle and festive colors and minimalist outlines have graced sashaying runway models for fall and winter. 

Barclay’s alternately clean and exuberant designs are on point.
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