Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Sterling Silver Corona Inca Choker Necklace
Beautiful beaches, including the Costa del Sol, are among many enchanting locations to see in Marbella, Spain. 

The Bonsai Museum and Arabian Wall are a few more interesting attractions to visit.  Spain is also home to featured jewelry designer Ana Cerda.

When viewing jewelry items from Cerda’s four-year-old brand, Inatanka, you can almost envision her sitting in her workshop or living room carefully putting together medallions encrusted with Swarovski Crystals; combining brass rings with blue quartz; and creating leather wrap bracelets. 

Each handmade item from brass disc earrings to a link of crystal beads attached to a silk ribbon seem freshly prepared giving them an authentic, unfussy kind of beauty.

The outgrowth of a hobby she shared with her daughter, Blanca, Inatanka took on a life of its own and Cerda was eager to move the brand forward.

“When I realized lots of people loved our designs I decided to make the leap.  My aim is to offer versatility to a woman: something casual, elegant or functional.  My style is slowly evolving and I am looking into opening new markets,” explains the mother of three.
Brass Disc Earrings with Turquoise
The designer loves allowing an array of materials dictate the design: leather cords with sterling silver accents; large brass discs with turquoise or coral accents; and glossy brass rings and bangles complemented by amethyst or lapis.

“I am always learning.  I undertook the challenge of designing a unique and personal collection of jewelry, and I am proud of how far I have come.”
Brass Ring with Blue Quartz

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertCostume jewelry is BIG this year and Cerda’s down-to-earth jewelry creations provide a fashionable and idiosyncratic alternative to expensive high-end brands.
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