Friday, May 30, 2014


Brass 60's Style Monogram Bracelet
Named for attorney Charles Lee Tilden, California’s Tilden Regional Park, located in San Francisco, is a popular attraction.  

Its 2,079 acres contains hiking, horseback and bicycle trails as well as a botanical garden and antique carousel.  California is also home to featured jewelry designer Debra Mitchell.

Mitchell’s “alternative” jewelry brand, Twisted Silver, pays homage to classic vintage designs through rebuilding vintage brass charms and chains into funky and stylish arrangements.

It is a refreshing aesthetic that is at once elegant, romantic and bohemian with a touch of urban edge thrown in for good measure. 

Each vintage component is unique unto itself.  There are Greco-Romanesque plaques, agate tiles from Tibet, an Empereur Napoleon coin pendant, and re-imagined parts from costumes worn by the late Michael Jackson.
Sterling Silver Plated Brass Flower Dome Ring
Mitchell collects vintage parts anywhere she can find them and loves “the hunt”.  Her longtime love of fashion, as well as her background in retail and merchandising, lends itself to her design approach.

“My line thumbs an irreverent nose at conventional jewelry rules.  I combine perfectly imperfect base metals, recycled and found objects, and vintage asymmetry throughout.

My mother taught me to be my own person so I have a strong sense of style and individuality.  I design Twisted Silver to be what it is.  I don’t follow trends, and because of that my brand attracts a certain type of woman. 
Starburst Necklace

Nicolette Sheridan, Finola Hughes, Mya and Sheila E are fans of the brand. 

The common denominator between these and other women who love the brand is that they are trendsetters. 

They do their own kind of trendsetting.  Being true to you is what the brand is about.”
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