Saturday, October 24, 2009


Blue Pearl Silver PMC Necklace
with Pearl Clasp
There are 5,000 acres to explore within Annadel State Park in California.

We do not plan to cover it all, but we opt to view at least some of the expanse of meadows and a lake by horseback. California is also the home of featured jewelry designer Hetty Herman-Minsk.

Herman-Minsk's list of accomplishments is as impressive as her remarkably distinctive jewelry.

Acting as a delegate of the American Crafts Council (AMC), Herman-Minsk helped to reopen art colleges in China. She also traveled to Japan participating in an "international conference of craft persons."

For a little over 25 years, she taught silversmithing, weaving, and ceramics at the California State Community College, and the California State Adult Education Program. If that isn't enough, she formerly worked as a psychotherapist.

Like many jewelry artists, Herman-Minsk's creative interests formulated during childhood. "When I was a child a close friend of my mother gave me some clay," she recalls. "Ever since then I have been entranced with the possibilities of what the human hand can create." Working with textiles and ceramics eventually led Herman-Minsk to explore jewelry design.

During her jewelry studies, Herman-Minsk was introduced to environmentally sustainable silver precious metal clay (PMC). "I have chosen to use reconstituted silver recovered from computers, medical instruments, and photographic supplies," she explains. "My philosophy is one thing of beauty does not have to harm another."

The structure of Herman-Minsk's designs are completely free-from and organic resembling small-scale sculptures. Although she implements pearls and garnets to fashion a strand that suspends a pendant, she does not always place stones within the PMC making the PMC the focal point.

The contrast of the pieces' rustic appearance and the almost imperceptible accents of gently etched drawings as well as the soft color in the PMC add an unusual elegance and refinement.

The jewelry possesses a commanding ancient aesthetic that brings to mind remnants of the 6th century. "I am influenced by study and travel in Asia, as well as a deep appreciation and love for the world around me.

I am delighted to share my joy and excitement at the forms and textures possible in silver precious metal clay."
Silver PMC Dragon Necklace
and Hessonite Garnet Strand

NOTE:  Herman-Minsk does not appear to have a website at this time.

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