Tuesday, December 23, 2014


18K Rose Gold Serpent's Nest Ring
with Opal, Brown Diamonds, Blue
and Pink Sapphires, Tsavorite and Citrine
A World Heritage Site, China’s Jiuzhaigou Valley is the habitat of the Great Panda. 

Shrouded in lore, legend says that the bodies of water located within the valley were created by the shards of a goddess’ broken mirror. 

China is also home to featured jewelry designer Wendy Yue.

Those who do not appreciate bold pieces of jewelry need not apply! 

However, if you believe “Boldness has genius, power and magic in it,” as writer Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe does, then you will love Yue’s aesthetic.

With a style that is larger-than-life, Yue’s nature-inspired jewelry creations are powerful visuals, chock full of unapologetic detail.  On any given piece there is little to no negative space and designs seem besieged with opal, jade or coral. 

Her Chimpanzee Wonder Ring is a monstrous creation of cluttered extravagance.  It features a chimp expertly carved from mother-of-peal as the potent setting and focal point. 

The chimp is cradled by leaf forms of white and pink sapphires, yellow jasper and rubies.  Though it borders on garish there is no denying the technical skill required to create it.
18K White Gold Sherbert Bow Earrings with
Phosphosiderite, Black Diamonds and Pink Sapphires
With imperial bats, snakes, and frogs serving as centerpieces for drop earrings, cocktail rings and bracelets there is a moody yet whimsical overtone to her style.  These elements seem to signify the dark, dank places of the world bringing an unexpected gravity to her designs as well.  They are characters in themselves.

An avid traveler, Yue traveled across Europe learning about different cultures.  She also loved observing the natural world sketching whatever caught her attention. 

“I am infinitely curious about nature.  I am fascinated with nature’s bond to humans.  I wanted to create jewelry that would remind me of my travels.  I wanted an enduring monument in remembrance of the bits and pieces of my expeditions,” discloses the reserved jeweler.

Having worked twenty years in the industry, Yue set up a studio in 1998 where she “worked on some of my own projects and on occasion as a ghost designer for several high-profile fine jewelry brands.”

By 2008 she launched her own fine jewelry brand for which her overpowering sense of style became her signature.  “I believe any work of art is up to the interpretation of the beholder.  In general, my customer is not afraid to be unique.

I am not formally trained so I believe that gives me the freedom to create jewelry without the constraints of traditional jewelry making.  

My aesthetic is so distinctive that each design is more than an accessory, it is a miniature sculpture.  Bounding my work with any narrow categorization or precise definition dilutes the sheer essence of my pieces.”
18K White Gold Heron's Fountain Ring 
with Opal, Brown and Black Diamonds,
Blue Sapphire and Tsavorite

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertThe trend on the Lanvin runways was offbeat accessories, and Yue’s strong replications of chimps, snakes and bats definitely puts her idiosyncratic style on trend.
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