Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Rosanna Celtic Goddess Necklace with
Ceramic Clay, Black Glaze, Lava Rock,
Hematite and Turquoise Glow Beads
Kilkenny, Ireland is on its way to becoming a top tourist attraction. 

It is a location enveloped in history with 12th and 13th century landmarks that include the lovely stained glass windows and Gothic architecture of Saint Canice’s Cathedral

Ireland is also home to featured jewelry designer Rebeka Kahn.

The elements earth and fire play important roles in the creation of Kahn’s distinctive handmade jewelry creations of glass cubes, ceramic clay, and glow beads. 

Once she sculpts the clay into a desired form she implements glaze and glass as finishing touches.  The design is then “twice-fired” through a modified version of Raku Firing. 

Clay forms are removed from a kiln, placed on the ground, covered with strips of paper (which heightens flames) and then covered.  After a time the covering and burnt paper are removed, and a form of great beauty remains.

Her bohemian necklaces are true statement pieces highlighting scope, color and strong shapes.  Designs from her ring collection, on the other hand, are clean yet discrete.  Many settings are flat, large clay discs while others resemble rudimentary floral forms. 

Colors are glossy and natural like what one may find in nature.  Her earring collection however gives a nod to vintage style with antique copper accents and recycled glass beads.
Anastasia Copper Red Glass Earrings
Based in the Wicklow Mountains’ foothills, Kahn draws inspiration from Celtic goddesses, relics, and St. Bridget.  Most importantly she is influenced by the story of the clay she shapes and molds.  Taken from the layers covering mountains and river floors, Kahn believes the clay has a life of its own.

“Sometimes I just close my eyes and feel the clay; roll it between my fingers for a while and just allow the natural flow of the clay to tell me its story,” she says.  “The clay has come from the ground after thousands of years taking with it the whispers of beautifully colored mountains, rock and wood. 

Maybe the clay is in some way telling its own story and secrets through my hands.  By hand forming each piece and carefully selecting the right glazes and glass I can control every aspect of the design. 

Of course the materials seem to have a mind of their own as the firing process create effects I hadn’t dreamed of.  It all conspires to make every piece and individual work of art.”
Classic Back and Red Bracelet with Lava Rock,
Red and Clear Crackle Glass Cubes with
Chain Detail

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertBeautiful colors abound in Kahn’s Earth Goddess aesthetic, and color (muted or not) is a top trend for the year.
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