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14K Rose Gold Juju Bracelet with Champagne Diamonds
With its long summers and beautiful beaches the Turkish city Alanya is an ideal seaside resort.  But Alanya’s natural wonders is not all this city has to offer. 

The power of Seljuk architecture is on display with the 13th century Alanya Fortress, and the Red Tower.  Turkey is also home to featured jewelry designer Ceyda Gungor.

Simplicity of design is an interesting dance of choosing which elements remain in the finished product. 

Though I don’t always say it, I do get the appeal of classic jewelry styles.  I understand that it is all about accentuating, not overpowering, the wearer.  As Leonardo da Vinci once said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Gungor’s four-year-old, handmade jewelry brand, JADA (the English version of Ceyda), exemplifies da Vinci’s sentiment.  Fashioned from 14-, 18-and 22-karat gold pendant necklaces, drop earrings and rings are visions of sleek elegance. 

Pavé accents of precious gemstones of white diamonds, rubies and emeralds provide bling that isn’t too showy or too subdued.  These light and airy pieces are also perfect for layering!

An illustrious business woman, who speaks three languages, fourteen years ago Gungor worked in marketing for an “information technology company.” 

She loved the work so much she accepted a vice president position where she surveyed multi-million dollar business deals.  But it would all come to an end shortly following the birth of Gungor’s twins who were born premature. 

In the wake of walking away from her powerful position, a pastime she indulged in would emerge as a new business opportunity.  “After the birth of my children, I went back to work but I could not commit the time anymore, and I felt like I was letting them down by not giving one hundred percent, “she recalls.
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“So I decided to resign which was a really difficult decision.  My husband said to me that being a full-time mom would not be enough for me, so I started to think about what I could do.”

On Gungor’s eighteenth birthday she transformed a monetary gift from her parents into a bauble she designed for herself.  She would continue to design as a hobby but a shopping trip would change Gungor’s trajectory.

“One day I was out shopping in Zea wearing one of my designs and one of the shop girls saw it and asked me about it.  She told me I should speak to the store’s buyer because a jewelry cabinet was about to be launched.  I went home and told my husband `I’m going to start a jewelry business.’”

And while each of Gungor’s jewelry collections reflects something about the jeweler’s personal experiences, her Winnicott Collection holds a very special place.

“Starting my company was part of a healing process.  I reached out to children and premature baby charities to do some work with them.  I was so touched by the stories of parents, and was amazed by the sacrifice nurses made to help families. 

I ultimately collaborated with the Winnicott Foundation that raises funds to improve care for premature and sick babies.  I made a 14-karat white gold bracelet with a heart, representing life; and an evil eye for protection.  Fifteen percent of the sales price goes to the foundation.  The idea of family is intrinsic to the spirit of the brand.”
14K Rose Gold Multi-Faceted Ring
with White Diamonds

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertClassic, simple jewelry styles like Gungor’s is a trend that will never go away, and minimalism is a top trend for 2014.
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