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18K Rose Gold Vermeil Web Necklace 
The city of Winnipeg, located in Canada, is not only praised for its beauty but it is among the country’s largest municipalities. 

Some visitors eagerly partake of the scenic parks and gardens like the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden.  However, many enjoy popular cuisine at eateries like Provence Bistro

Canada is also home to featured jewelry designer Arielle de Pinto.

Canadian jewelry designers Kristen Laborde and Corrine Anestopoulos bring distinctive visuals to their respective brands Laborde and Biko by implementing variegated materials.

Laborde integrates caps of concrete screws, safety pins, and nuts and bolts while Anestopoulos calls upon chainmail, Tilapia fish leather and African prayer boxes to complete her bohemian style.

It is this capacity for thinking outside the box that set Canadian jewelry brands apart from the rest.

In the same vein there is an unexpected element to de Pinto’s funky, edgy and ethereal design style.  What appears to be crocheted threads at first glance is actually crocheted chains! 

Multi-chain bracelets, necklaces and rings that seem malleable enough to tuck away in your pocket make up her collections.  Working with ionized stainless steel and gold vermeil each design is hand cultivated by de Pinto and “a personally trained team of artisans in Montreal.”  The process is all about letting the metal organically form.

Solid Band Bracelet with Ionized Stainless Steel
“When it comes to crocheting chain, it is about not forcing it.  I don’t claim to be the first person to ever crochet chain but I definitely developed my own language with it,” explains the alumna of Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts

“I have been very devoted to developing a technique of crocheting chain where the metal becomes tactile and tractable.  At a certain point the chains adjusts to your body temperature and conforms to your body. 

I am always looking at patterns.  I am very attached to color and textures, and I will figure out how to re-interpret longstanding ways in how we dress ourselves.”

De Pinto’s design approach is dedicated to innovation that provides a subtle yet palpable shift in a design.  For instance, for a limited edition series she collaborated with crystal artist Lars Paschke who grew quartz crystals on chains in a controlled environment.

“My mission is about developing a new language from something portable and simple by implementing tensions, different stitches and creating new patterns.  Somebody worked very hard to find the pattern of your favorite jeans, and that is what I do in silver and stainless steel.”

Silver and Gold Crocheted Drip Earrings
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertChains were all the rage on the runways of Chanel for Fall-Winter 2013-2014 and chains are the rage for de Pinto.  

Yellow and rose gold vermeil as well as iridescent stainless steel chains brings to life her primal yet classic style.
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