Tuesday, December 30, 2014


18K Gold Quadruple Cup Ring
The Danish city of Odense is known not only for its stunning old world architecture, like Saint Canute’s Cathedral, but also for being the residence of luminaries like tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. 

Denmark is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Tina Engell.

A 22-year veteran to jewelry making, stylistically Engell’s classic creations of 18-karat gold and gemstones falls between no-frills and icy sophistication. 

Gold chain link necklaces, link bracelets, gemstone rings and drop earrings are a mixture of clear-cut elegance and a tad of capriciousness.

Her Squid and Mushroom rings showcase crowded patterns of circles while the Bobble rings are reminiscent of floral arrangements. 

Her Cup rings toy with both double and quadruple ring settings which also highlight smooth cabochon cut gemstones.  It is these deviations from the norm that is the hallmark of Scandinavian design.

A one-time restaurant worker, the Copenhagen native once envisioned a career as a chef.  However, on a fateful visit to a friend’s workplace, thirty-two years ago, would start Engell on a new career path.
Gold Plated Slice Bracelet
“My friend started an apprenticeship as goldsmith under Vgan Dragman.  I visited the workshop one day and I knew as soon as I entered that I had found my path,” recalls the London-based jeweler.  “I fell in love with everything: the messy work bench, the old tools, and even my friend’s dirty fingernails.”

And although for two years Engell eagerly pursued an apprenticeship she was disallowed.  A male dominated arena, Engell’s rejections were due largely to her gender.  However, Danish jeweler Ole Lynggaard accepted her as an apprentice.

“I drove Ole Lynggaard crazy calling him every day until he agreed to take me as an apprentice,” she admits. 

“I started my own workshop while I apprenticed for Lynggaard.  I took part in many exhibitions at that time.  I was eventually accepted at London’s Royal College of Art and graduated with a Masters in Jewelry Design.
18K Gold Cup Earrings with Peridot

I stayed in London and set up a studio in Bath.  I constantly update and add to my range of designs. 

The strength of my work is simplicity, boldness and individuality.  I believe jewelry should be worn every day and feel comfortable.”
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