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18K Gold Vermeil Morgane Necklace
Designed by Japanese architect Minoru Yamasaki, Seattle, Washington’s Pacific Science Center was planned for the city’s 1962 World’s Fair.

Composed of eight buildings the center contains a butterfly house, planetarium, science exhibits and two IMAX theaters. 

Washington State is also home to featured jewelry designer Kimberly Baker.

Unlike many charm jewelry collections there is a sense of history and breadth to Baker’s charm-themed collections.  

The traditional charm fare of seahorses and hearts are paired alongside metallic replications of arrow quivers, unicorn horns and even mandibles.
Animal totems that include wolves and rams are highlighted in ring designs. 

The often rustic details of juxtaposed gold vermeil and oxidized sterling tusks, or bronze shield rings emanate a touch of mystery and romance. 

The atmospheric drape of horns, tusks and thorns from Baker’s Gwenafer Necklace is both gothic and spiritual.  “I love for jewelry to be worn as a talisman.  I love symbolism,” says the Seattle-based artist.

Launched in 2000, Baker’s jewelry brand calls upon her natural capacity for design, as well as her jewelry making studies at Seattle’s Pratt Fine Arts Center.  Travels, old movies and books serve to encourage ideas; but Baker also stumbles upon found objects to include in her hypnotic designs.

Bronze Fortress Ring
 “The chain of the Morgane Necklace was found on a shipping barge.  The texture is amazing!  I bought every inch of it from the barge’s captain,” she recalls.  A pendant necklace flaunting a lion’s image was “cast from an 1800’s Italian intaglio which folklore relates to attract health and good fortune.”

Though there is a depth and complexity to Baker’s choice of charms, her directive is simple: “I want to combine mysticism with an urban simplicity.  I would like to think my work has special meaning to the women who wear it.  It is bold, edgy, tender and tough.”
18K Gold and Oxidized Sterling Silver
Stingray Cuff Bracelet

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertBaker’s moody sterling silver and gold vermeil charms fall squarely on the trend of talismans, and serpentine jewelry.  

However, when some charms are combined in one necklace they have a strong tribal vibe, which is also on trend.
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