Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Gold Vermeil Pearly Dough Ring with White
Pearl and Orange Garnets
The intense red colored rocks of the Australian Olgas are one of the natural draws of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. 

The rocks are separated by valleys and can be accessed through two trails: the Walpa Gorge Walk and the Valley of the Winds.  

Australia is also home to featured jewelry designer Lucy Folk.

Folk’s unabashedly quirky jewelry collections are based entirely on cuisine!  You name it oysters, cucumbers, tacos, spices and pizza are all here! 

However, unlike some food-inspired jewelry Folk moves towards the essence of a particular delectable morsel, and not a full-on replication. 

The colors of the powder coated steel necklaces from her Spices series; for instance, reflect the hues of condiments stored in cupboards: burnt orange, cream, green and yellow. 

Her lively aesthetic emerged from her family’s connection to the hospitality industry.  Exposure to culinary arts at an early age easily led Folk to becoming a self-proclaimed “foodie;” and she loved the idea of using her background as inspiration for her seven-year-old brand.

“I think it’s good to have something unique that people can recognize.  Living is about great food and great times with family friends.  I wanted to do something that boldly went against the grain.  It’s nice to see humor in fashion,” says the formally trained silversmith.

Sterling Silver and Metallic Yarn Spices Marsala
Crochet Bracelets
Folk builds an appetizing menu working with an array of materials that include trade and glass beads, metallic yarn, resin, gold vermeil, sterling silver and precious gemstones. 

She casts actual tortilla chips in silver or gold; fashions pineapple via crochet; and pumpkin seeds are made from resin.  It is an exuberant brand that is full of zest and whimsy.

Fashion magazines like Elle and Harper’s Bazaar UK have boosted Folk’s brand visibility, and it does not hurt that superstar BeyoncĂ© Knowles wore the jeweler’s baubles throughout her Australian tour.

“I believe I am gracefully celebrating the finer things in life; combining kitsch naivetĂ© with subtle beauty.”
Sterling Silver and Resin Blood Oranges & Lime
Splice Cocktail Earrings
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertLots of color, bold and low-key, is a signature of Folk’s energetic style, and color is also on trend for the year.
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