Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Red Acrylic Lunar Light Choker  with
Silver Foil
Rain water passes through the Skocjan Caves during the rainy season of Slovenia’s Karst region. 

Consisting of limestone caves, sinkholes, and collapsed dolines this UNESCO World Heritage site is praised for its beauty, and “archaeological significance.” 

Slovenia is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Lara Bohinc.

Though monikers like Lunar Eclipse, Planetaria, and Apollo suggest Bohinc’s scope of inspiration the London-based jeweler tells a different story. 

“Most of the time I would make up a story of what is supposed to be “the inspiration” and tell it to my PR person,” she acknowledges. 

“Going to museums, seeing a painting, or visiting an exotic place—inspiration doesn’t come like that for me.  Inspiration comes by way of innovation, and innovation comes from days and days of grueling research, playing and experimenting with materials and learning. 

I giggle when I think of names for my collections knowing that the inspiration does not come for me the way it does for others.”

Nevertheless, the 42-year-old jeweler’s dazzling acrylic, sterling silver, gold vermeil and 18-karat gold collections is a showcase of her modern, haute style.

Her necklaces of gently looping, lacquered brass curvatures are refined statement pieces while her Knot and Planetaria rings are a testament to her skills in industrial and graphic design.
18K Gold Vermeil Planeteria Ring with Clear Quartz
A consultant to French jewelry house Cartier since 2000, Bohinc brings a fresh and unique perspective to her brand.  Since the inception of the brand, 17 years ago, she constantly seeks out new techniques to “revitalize” her designs. 

Laser-cutting, computer design and photo-etching are each implemented in the creation process.  And though Bohinc says inspiration comes in slow burns, the expected sources of inspiration do manage to creep in.

“Although a lot of my creative process is sitting at my desk and playing with ideas, I take inspiration often from my background in art history, and from architecture.  I design like a product designer.  I often set myself a problem to which I try to find a solution,” says the recipient of the 1997 New Generation Design Award.

Like all in the field of jewelry design, Bohinc strives to create great, wearable forms.  “A striking shape is important to me.  It has to feel fresh.  It has to be easy to wear. 

I love fusing modernity of style with classical design to achieve timeless elegance.  My brand’s philosophy is to celebrate playful juxtapositions of style.”
18K Gold Vermeil Tatjana Drop Earrings
with Cubic Zirconia

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertBohinc’s stunning Lunar Eclipse necklaces, done up in bright colored lacquered brass and acrylic, once again show the command of fashion (costume) jewelry.
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