Monday, December 29, 2014


18K Gold and Citrine Sustone Choker Necklace
Good places to unwind and soak up the sun are the Brazilian beaches Praia do Futuro and Praia de Iracema

Located in the high-energy city Fortaleza, the beaches come alive at night with plenty of parties. 

Brazil is also home to featured jewelry designer Kim Poor.

A renowned painter lauded by Salvador Dali for her work with glass powder; and who also assisted Jim Henson on “a big touring show for museums in America on the history of The Muppets,” Poor ‘s jewelry creations are a vision of flamboyance and subtlety.  

Cultivated from 18-karat gold and 18-karat gold plating accents of precious and semi-precious gemstones serve not only as dazzling focal points but also as Poor’s source of inspiration. 

The ferociously stunning Bite Necklace highlights a gorgeous link of soft cut pale blue aquamarine offset by four, 18-karat gold crocodiles that encircle an aquamarine center stone.

The striking orange hues of multi-strand sunstone gems blend discreetly with citrine in her gorgeous Sunstone Necklace.  A two-strand bracelet of lush ruby beads accented by a single, baroque cultured pearl is the quintessence of classic style.
18K Gold Plated Bracelet with Ruby Beads
and Baroque Cultured
“My designs are inspired by nature: the emerald green seas of Brazil, the opalescent beauty of butterflies and the crystal blue skies.  I strive to make each piece idiosyncratic, working not just with the beauty of stone but with its unique flaws.

I source stones for their color, texture, energy and healing properties.  It is a privilege to work with such exceptional raw materials.  I am always searching for the light in these stones—they seem to have whole worlds in there.”

Always restless with ideas, Poor strives to create jewelry that is versatile and practical.  Many pieces can convert to another type of jewelry.  Necklaces become bracelets and pendants become brooches.  “I have a very practical side.  These elements allow for the wearer to be creative with the design which I find very important.”
18K Gold Bite Necklace with Smoked Tourmaline
and Aquamarines

2014 Jewelry Trend Alert:  Different color themes and schemes are a trend highlight this year, and Poor’s stunning show of alluring pigments puts her on point.
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