Monday, November 19, 2012


Isectorum Adventa Nomi Earrings
With Brass Scarab
An expansive collection of vintage motorcycles, automobiles and planes stand within the walls of Denmark’s Egeskov Castle.

The castle is a splendid example of 15th century Renaissance architecture as well as lavish d├ęcor of wood works and tapestries.  Denmark is also home to featured jewelry designer Zarah Voigt.

A former theater scenographer and daughter of couture designer Jean Voigt, Zarah Voigt studied Fine Arts at Slade School of Fine Art at the University College of London.  

Along with making set designs and costumes for stage shows, Voigt crafted visually commanding jewelry for runway shows.  Ten years ago the designer officially launched her jewelry brand. 

“I like to think that I create true conversation pieces.  I love using Perspex in endless color combinations, shiny or matte to metallic mirrors,” says the 36-year-old.  “I define my style as dramatic, architectural, futuristic, raw, refined, and avant-garde.”

Voigt’s pared down approach to statement jewelry allows anyone who finds this style of jewelry intimidating the chance to adorn herself with bold patterns.

Oxidized Sterling Silver Black and Gold
Plexiglas Samurai Homura Necklace

Instead of layering different textures and colors via crystals, various metals or fabric Voigt opts for subtle graphic lines and sinuous curvatures using black, gold or purple Plexiglas. 

Art Deco and nature-inspired imagery fill her collection of brooch pins, pendant necklaces, and earrings.  With its straightforward shapes and muted colors the collection is clearly Scandinavian in presentation yet still powerful and theatrical.

Oxidized Sterling Silver and Black, Purple
Plexiglas and Zebra Wood Harlequin Rings
A small selection of items from Voigt’s eponymous jewelry line is available to buy online at

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