Monday, November 26, 2012


Sterling Silver Japanese Etched Leaves &
Flowers Pendant Necklace with Natural Silk Cord
Although home to a number of unique animal species, including the emu and dingo, the arid Australian Outback is otherwise sparsely populated but is a big tourist draw.

Australia is also home to featured jewelry designer Simone Walsh.

At the risk of sounding redundant some classic jewelry designs seem uninspired veering towards safe.

Yes, a classically styled piece of jewelry stands the test of time but I also feel some jewelers rely too heavily on tried-and-true standards. 

To me the design quality of Walsh’s pretty and girly recycled sterling silver jewelry is more expressive than what this niche generally tends to be.  She subtly explores textures, shadings and forms while maintaining a layered representation of femininity.

Walsh, who is celebrating her twentieth year this year as a jeweler, initially wanted to work in the music industry and did.  At 16 years of age, in 1992, she left school to work in a recording studio and eventually a full-fledged record company.

After becoming disillusioned with the treatment of women in the field, she decided she wanted to change career trajectories but did not have a clear idea in mind. 

“I was in a shop and I happened to see a very simple but striking piece of wire wrapped glass jewelry.  I wanted to know how it was made so I got some wire, pliers and marbles to play around.  I was hooked and I wanted to learn how to make more advanced pieces,” she recalls.

Sterling Silver Stacking Rings
Walsh would later enroll with the University of Sydney’s College of Arts to study jewelry and object design obtaining of Bachelor of Visual Arts.  

She would relish in experimenting with techniques and themes never settling on one specific style.  Walsh’s understated yet visually complex design approach is informed by floral and vintage patterns, Japanese aesthetics, and modern lines.

Sleek sterling silver stacking rings, circle etched pendant necklaces, arabesque designs and accents of oxidation or lab created gemstones complete the designer’s breezy visual language.

“None of my work is made by simply assembling mass-produced components.  I use traditional metalwork techniques such as saw piercing, etching and gilding. 

Sterling Silver Vintage Floral Etched
Tear Drop Earrings
I am fascinated by pattern, ornament and decoration of very diverse types—and I have always been interested in how decoration is a type of language which communicates a lot about people.”
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