Tuesday, November 27, 2012


14K Gold Filled Chain Earrings
Though it is an active volcano, with 33 recorded eruptions, the Philippines’ Taal Volcano is still a must-see for tourists.

Once standing an ominous height of 18,000 feet, Taal Volcano is presently one of the world’s smallest volcanoes.

The Philippines is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Guenevere Rodriguez.

There are different types of simplicity that range from very clean and very plain to understated panache.

Although during the course of writing this blog I have seen classic jewelry pieces that cover this range I must say there is still a sense of gravity to the designs; however slight.

In my opinion Rodriguez brings incredible buoyance to her line of 14-karat gold filled and sterling silver rings, bracelets and circle necklaces.

Even her gemstone jewelry collection—not yet included on her website—possesses the same level of ethereal delicacy.  Majestic crystals and stones are incorporated within thread-like strands of gold-filled chains.

The granddaughter of famed print maker Manuel Antonio Rodriguez, Guenevere naturally gravitated towards jewelry design.  Wooden and glass beads were the materials of choice for then 10-year-old Rodriguez who sold her creations for $6 at Brooklyn, New York flea markets.

14K Gold Filled Divine Necklace
“I think it is so much easier to carry off having people wanting your product and selling the products now than it was when I was ten,” recalls the designer who is still based in New York.  “I love what I do.  I’m obsessed with it!  That is the biggest factor for me not celebrity clients or editorials in fashion magazines.”

Rodriguez also enjoys keeping her jewelry line accessible to all women.  Along with creating custom jewelry designs for clients that include Sarah Jessica Parker and Tyra Banks, Rodriguez’ ready-to-wear gold hoop earrings and knot rings boast price points for the everyday woman.  At present her 14-karat gold filled Elliptical Earrings go for $68 while a set of three Hammered Sculpted Bangle Bracelets cost $258.

Rodriguez also feels that imparting positivity to her designs is crucial to her line.  “I was exposed to many ethereal experiences.  I was raised in a family of spiritual artists. 

14K Gold Filled Lotus Ring
My Circle of Life Hoops Earrings is for those times when the pressures of life challenge you.

The hoops represent the beauty of life,” Rodriguez says.

“Jewelry is powerful. It can make you feel safe and protected, beautiful and loved.”
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