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18K Gold Genie Ear Earrings
One of Sweden’s most popular areas is the scenic city of Ostersund.  Located by the stunning Storsjon Lake, tourists visit the city in the hope of catching a glimpse of the mythical creature Storsjöodjuret.  Sweden is also home to featured jewelry designer Efva Attling.

In terms of visual interest I think classic jewelry should be as multi-faceted as statement jewelry.

In the last three years of researching jewelry designers from what I have observed  the trick to that is choosing a single focal point.  

An 18-karat gold ring, bangle bracelet or drop earrings can be brought to life or given soul by picking a single surface texture--an inscription or brushed finish—or a single gemstone with a specific facet.

Attling’s sixteen-year-old, high-end designer jewelry brand of 18-karat yellow and white gold, sterling silver, and diamonds has that kind of sparkle; an inner glow that couples with the external high gloss and ultimately culminates into striking posh elegance.

Like many classically styled jewelry collections the theme of love and connectedness is very much a part of Attling’s design inspiration.

However, she also has what I feel is a little fun with the classic aesthetic such as her sleek “crazy heart” jewelry items.  A pendant necklace design featured in sterling silver highlights a somewhat askew, jagged heart shape. 

18K Gold Twosome & Stars Rounded Wedding Rings
with White Diamonds
The designer’s Twosome pieces are based on the concept that “two people with unique personalities complement each other and become one.”  

The basis of these subtle yet gorgeous 18-karat gold ring and pendant necklace designs are two interlocking circles with the Latin inscription Amor Vincit Omnia (love conquers all) on one of the circles.  The items’ beautiful simplicity is a vision of understated perfection.

“I made my first piece of jewelry when I was 11 years old.  When I was 16 I became a pupil of one Sweden’s top silversmiths.  My jewelry is very Swedish because it is very low-key. 

It is very simple but it has different movements that make it calm,” explains the former model and singer.  “When I put words into my pieces I can send out the message and then those who receive it can pass it on.”

Attling, the 2010 Guldknappen Accessory Award winner, has built a formidable jewelry brand: starting with a flagship store in Stockholm sandwiched between Gucci and Louis Vuitton stores; a “boutique” store in New York; and inventory stocked in over 200 retailers.  Celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Aniston, and Sharon Stone flock to her pared down style.

18K Gold  Rose Petal Fall Necklace
“I think the success of our brand is due largely to the company’s devotion to its mission to create unique jewelry and design 'with a thought.' 

I believe functioning in this way adds purpose and happiness to the lives of our customers in an otherwise busy and stressful world. That is the goal of an artist—to touch someone, to have this connection.”
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