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Amethyst & Ceramic Lavender Earth Jewelry Set
It is said that Iquitos, Peru is a place for hard-core adventure lovers.

With its shantytowns, including BelĂ©n, and sprawling rain forest Iquitos’ natural wonders never fail to fascinate.

Peru is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Ubaldina Paucar Achancaray a/k/a Dina.

No matter the style, jewelers always bring something personal to their jewelry collections.  Aspects of personality, patterns they see in nature or even how they process circumstances of the world around them inform their creative musings.

In this light, I think ethnic jewelry reveals the pride a jeweler has for his or her culture.  For me this niche reflects a jeweler’s self-acceptance and in particular the designs always showcase a long tradition of a culture’s handicrafts.  These factors truly imbue this vivacious style with great idiosyncratic flair making it quintessential statement jewelry.

Inspired by her painter father, Dina readily embraced her creative stirrings.  She learned and excelled at hand loom weaving, ceramics, painting and jewelry making.

The vivid outlines and colors of her pendant necklaces and jewelry sets call upon her expertise with ceramics. 

Ceramic Vicuna Pendant Necklace
Semi-precious gemstones including hematite and amethyst along with .950 silver help to accentuate stunning designs of hand painted ceramic beads inspired by Inca royalty, the Inca sun god, Inti, and pre-Hispanic symbols.

“When I moved from Cuzco to an urban area I received a nursing degree and worked as a nurse.  I had learned so many traditional handicrafts as a youth and I never really strayed away from that. 

I worked as a nurse until 1975 and I started working with ceramics again.  When I was a girl I studied crafts at a school located near the Inthihuatana archaeological site,” recalls the 59-year old.  “I am proud of my Peruvian heritage.  My designs are ancestral ones.  Everything Peruvian is in my hands.”

Ceramic Highland Forest Ceramic Jewelry Set
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