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18K Gold Brown Crossroad Palm Bracelet
One of Argentina’s most densely populated cities is Rosario.

Independence Park is not only one of the city’s most visited areas, but it is also one of the largest parks in Argentina.

Argentina was also once home to featured jewelry designer the late Claudio Bravo.

What I love about ethnic jewelry is the specific cultural voices that it reflects.

Dominican designer Loella Medina, for instance, is inspired by the stunning colors of her homeland in the Dominican Republic and transfers this into breathtaking gemstone jewelry. 

Likewise, Brazilian design team Erica Pacey and Alessandra Feio of Nugaard Designs implement geodes, roughly faceted gemstones and Brazilian Golden Grass from which gorgeous hues and wonderful textures emerge.

Bravo’s material of choice is the fibers from Buriti palm.  The jeweler learned about Buriti palm while traveling in Brazil and was intrigued by a net made with the material. 

“I traveled a great deal through Brazil and I met a tribal chief who presented me with a net made of the Buriti palm, a palm tree that grows in marshlands.

Gold and Palm Bright Colorful Cascade Necklace
The fiber from the net did not irritate my skin, as is typical of other palm fibers and he explained that the treatment given it makes it appropriate for creating adornments and furniture.

In 1994, I began to work with this material, using craft techniques like macramé.  I am inspired by the ritual dress of Brazil’s natives and so I began to create bracelets and other designs.”

The jewelry’s subtle colors of brown and beige, accents of tiger’s eye, green quartz and moonstone, and basket weave patterns evoke gentle breezes while walking along the beach at sunset.  The palm necklaces and bracelets are earthy-bohemian that go great with a casual maxi dress.

“I enjoy being an artisan; transforming palm fiber into art and achieving incredible things from its union, that is, the technique of macramé.  I love showing the beauty of our exclusive materials and the sophistication of our workmanship.”

18K Gold Joly Palm Bracelet with Glass Beads
A small selection of Bravo’s designs is available for purchase at
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