Thursday, November 29, 2012


Sterling Silver & Amazonite Viking Knot Necklace
Despite the fact that it cannot sustain life forms, the Dead Sea, located between Israel, the West Bank and Jordan, holds therapeutic properties within its saline waters.

Israel is also home to featured jewelry designer Irith Mashiah.

In comparison to Western aesthetics I think ethnic jewelry is intrinsically daring due to how elaborate the design styles and color choices are.

In saying that I do not feel this niche is daring for the sake of daring.  It is what it is: a reflection of a specific culture or cultures.

Mashiah’s powerful assortment of 18-karat gold stud earrings, amber and silver necklaces, and sterling silver bracelets contain not only Israeli influences but also Greek and Moroccan.

“I have been living in Israel ever since I was born.  The citizens of my country have gathered here from all over the world.  This has opened me to many beautiful and different colors, traditions, shapes, exotic food and forms,” explains the former secretary.

“I have always been fascinated with the buildings I have seen in photographs from Marrakesh or other parts of Morocco.  I have handcrafted jewelry realizing later they were unintentionally inspired by these beautiful shapes.”
14K Gold & Sterling Silver Ring with Chinese Turquoise
The graduate of Haifa’s Wizo Academy of Design and Tel-Aviv’s Ort Technology Center has a design style that is both rustic and organic evoking the queens and great ruins of ancient cultures.

Outlines are somewhat asymmetrical; metal surfaces are tactile with granulation, dots, and creases along with rich shadings from oxidation. 

Her designs run the gamut of statement making to energetic takes on classic patterns.  As a whole her handmade jewelry designs look substantial and complex.  These qualities reflect the designer’s clear sense of play.
24K Gold Plated Sterling  Silver Earrings with Peridot Beads

“Many of my designs are hammered using the repoussé technique which gives them a three-dimensional or sculptural effect.

I mainly keep in mind that jewelry should give women a feeling that they look beautiful and special.”

Be sure to visit Mashiah’s Etsy store RioRita.
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