Thursday, September 3, 2015


Leather Waves Necklace from
Skin on Skin Collection 
Known for its kinetic nightlife and picturesque beaches Mykonos, Greece is a quintessential hot spot.

Mykonos, however, also has a subdued side with “romantic” seaside villas and 16th century windmills.

Greece is also home to featured jewelry designer Christina Karakalpaki.

I really enjoy the anti-establishment vibe of contemporary art jewelry.  With jewelry born from unconventional ideas and unusual materials, this niche can be a wild ride that takes an observer into an uncharted visual world challenging long held perceptions of jewelry.

Though Karakalpaki implements traditional metals like sterling silver, and opts for a surprisingly wearable style she is a contemporary art jeweler at heart. 

Other materials at her disposal are resin, electrostatic paint, leather and Plexiglas.  Designs range from the metallic, mechanistic forms of her Industrial Waves collection to the poetic fluidity of pieces from her Clean Cut collection.  Her artistic vision is explorative, sublime and off-the-wall yet ultimately fashionable.
Sterling Silver and Resin Powder Earrings
from Resin Pleasure Collection
Utilizing an alternate combination of handcrafting and casting, Karakalpaki builds a unique assortment of items inspired by architecture, geometry and even baked goods.

Her cube rings from the collection Square Logic are wonderful, three-dimensional forms with carved out centers and tactile surface reliefs.  Her Skin on Skin collection is a play of different textures and colors of leather where brooch pins become biscuits and cookies.

Nevertheless the prolific jeweler is often inspired by the materials themselves.  “Architecture plays an important role in the way I think about jewelry and in the way I compose my pieces.
Gold Vermeil Knot Necklace with
Satin Cord from Golden Touch Collection

However, many times I act intuitively without having a certain plan or image in my mind of the final result.  I let the materials lead me.  My goal is to create a unified aesthetic, and harmonious composition.”
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