Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Sterling Silver Circle Stud Earrings with Assorted Paper
Touted as one of Scotland’s most picturesque cities, Edinburgh contains foreboding yet stunning remnants of the country’s storied history including Medieval and Gothic architecture.  Scotland is also home to featured jewelry designer Kathryn Williamson.

Jewelry making is all about exploring and having a little fun by giving fresh takes on longstanding design concepts.  Williamson is one such jewelry designer.

An eleven-year veteran and graduate of Aberdeen’s Grays School of Art, Williamson likes to explore and play with her design and creation process.

This sportive design approach results in multi-layered sterling silver jewelry: her array of hoop and stud earrings, chain link bracelets and pendant necklaces are alternately quirky, beach casual, plain and elegant.

The jewelry artisan makes great use of sterling silver metal with brushed, matte, and polished finishes, oxidation as well as floral, dot and spiral surface patterns.

Pops of subtle color come by way of found pieces of ceramic, assorted paper, felt, beach pebbles and a modest array of semi-precious gemstones.

Sterling Silver Cascade Flowery Disc Pendant Necklace
The overall character of her jewelry collections is unpretentious beauty.  For me the visual language evokes imagery of jewelry washed up on the shoreline; the roughness of the sand and the constant ebb of water leave it with a hazy appearance. 

I really love how Williamson cajoles these subtle personalities from the delicate tone of sterling silver.  She is able to present the precious metal in a way that always holds a little something unexpected. 

“My new work is strongly influenced by Pittenweem beach pebble pottery finds.  The seemingly unconnected nature of the pattern has led to my interest in exploring rolled textural surfaces and photo-etching through sterling silver,” says Williamson. 

“My creation process involves traditional jewelry making techniques.  The hammered or sleek smooth surfaces are fabricated by soldering.  Some of the pieces of the spaces are pierced into creating an area for small details and the textured detail creates movement.
Sterling Silver Chain Link Bracelet with
Turquoise, Amazonite and Peridot

“I like to think that my jewelry is fashion aware rather than fashion jewelry.

My designs are meant to complement other designs a wearer may choose from my collections. Subtle, feminine jewelry is the hallmark of my brand.”
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