Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Reticulated Sterling Silver, 22K Gold Keum Boo, Argentium
Silver and Patina Sea Grass Necklace
The Public Garden, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is a 175-year-old park that was established by philanthropist Horace Grey.

Its 24 acres holds numerous monuments including Thomas Ball’s “equestrian statue” of George Washington; and Anna Coleman Ladd’s Triton Babies Fountain.

Massachusetts is also home to featured jewelry designer Cynthia Eid.

For thirty-seven years Eid’s stunning jewelry creations of Argentium Silver has won her award after award and for good reason.

The accomplished silversmith creates silver bracelets, silver earrings, and silver necklaces with astonishing fluidity.  Her experimental style blurs the lines between contemporary art and mainstream jewelry.

Her jewelry creations are ripe with differentiated forms, textures and shadings courtesy of oxidation and the Korean metalwork technique Keum-Boo.

All of these details provide the jewelry with a substantial, weighty personality.  To me, this kind of mastery epitomizes what jewelry making is about.  She takes a challenging metal coaxing it into breathtaking forms.

18K Gold and Blackened Argentium
Silver Helicoids Earrings
“The paradox that soft, fluid-looking metal has evolved from flat, stiff rectangles through force, determination and tenacity enchants me.  

It is necessary to use a different approach when soldering Argentium Silver You cannot heat the whole piece of metal at once or try to have all the solder flow at once,” says the Indiana University graduate.

“I am entranced by the metal’s progressive transformation—through hammering, persuasion, and struggle—from a lifeless plane of metal toward an object of vibrancy, unity and fluidity. 

The forms I create have their roots in my gardens and my meanderings through the woods and along the water’s edge.
Sterling Silver Sea-ish Cuff Bracelet
The windowsills of my studio are filled with the souvenirs I find. In my work, the allusions to nature are intentionally ambiguous to encourage interactive response and contemplation by the viewer.”
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