Monday, March 5, 2012


24-Karat Gold Vermeil Rosette Collar Necklace
Samańa, a city and municipality located in northeastern region of the Dominican Republic, is a stunning exotic locale with long beaches and crystal clear blue waters.  

The Dominican Republic is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Yira Kahn.

When I viewed Kahn’s online gallery at, I was really struck by her versatility. 

While she adheres to a timeless design approach she brings remarkable detail and personality to her modern silver jewelry collections.

The former interior designer moved to Peru, with her husband, in 1986 where she fell in love with the culture.  A woman of varied artistic predilections, Kahn studied “ceramic artistry with famed ceramists Veronica Rock and Jose Luis Yamanuque”.

Still eager for a creative outlet she took courses in jewelry design ten years ago eventually marrying her jewelry making know-how with her skill in creating ceramics.  At the present time, however, Kahn’s Novica page only features items from her.950 silver jewelry collection.

.950 Silver Loop the Loop Cocktail Ring
As I mentioned at the start of the post, she brings extraordinary nuance to this collection of handmade jewelry designs.  Among her designer jewelry creations is her sleek Hat Party Pendant Necklace; a 24-karat gold vermeil, intricately woven Rosette Necklace; and her Loop the Loop Cocktail Ring that highlights a mesh of tiny, entwined loops.

She bypasses the standard nameplate or initial necklace to signify the mother-child bond; instead she designed a ring incorporating a slightly curved, elongated slab of woven silver. 

“The woven pattern is inspired by that special bond between my daughters,” she says.  “I don’t like to repeat designs.  My creations are symmetrical, abstract and unique.  I am on a continuous search for authenticity and originality.”

While viewing her designs I felt that a jeweler is a lot like a sculptor, and precious metal is the clay.  Kahn brings the metal to life in beautiful, supple and complex designs.
.950 Mystery Cuff Bracelet

“Each one of my designs is intended to become a small work of art, a cultural treasure. 

They are made with love, dedication and creativity.  It gives me great pride to be able to share my creations.”
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