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22-Karat Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Celebrated Jumping Frogs Pendant Necklace and Earrings
An astounding 20 million flowers are sold each day at the Aalsmeer Flower Auction in the town of Aalsmeer, Netherlands. Stunning arrays of flowers from around the world quietly populate the immense auction house.

Covering 10.6 million square feet, the building is believed to be the second largest building in the world. The Netherlands is also the birthplace of Albert Ickenroth.

It was approximately thirty-five years ago when Ickenroth, a one-time economics major, vacationed in Mexico where he quickly “fell in love with the people, the music, plant life and folklore of this beautiful country. And so I stayed.”

An avid admirer of painters Van Gogh and Rembrandt, the art enthusiast worked as a designer “in a world-renowned papier maché workshop.” He would develop a signature style that ultimately led him to open his own workshop “where I began to experiment with new designs in papier maché as well as gold and silver jewelry.”

Ackenroth’s aesthetic is based, in part, in classic jewelry designs such as 22-karat gold plated heart charm bracelets, sterling silver teardrop pendants, and open, silver circle necklaces. He also brings a dose of quirkiness to such pieces as his gold plated Celebrated Jumping Frogs Drop Earrings and particularly to his clay and resin, animal-inspired sculptures.
22-Karat Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Hearts Charm Bracelet

“My designs are always related to the fauna of this magical country. They have been used to decorate international restaurant chains, and some of my works have appeared in advertising spots for major credit cards,” says Ickenroth.

Ackenroth implements the lost wax process to create both his small sculptures and jewelry. The alternately smooth and voluptuous details of his jewelry in particular exude a deep sense of novelty and elegance.
Sterling Silver and Onyx Silver
Moons Necklace

He also creates gorgeous gemstone jewelry with design partner Carlos Muñoz for their twenty-year old brand Carlos Albert Jewelry.

These collections of gemstone necklaces, gemstone earrings, and gemstone bracelets reflect the vitality and essence of Mexico; colors are vivid and outlines whether simple or complex definitely make a statement.

There is a tribal feel to each design with their combinations of bright greens, hypnotic sky blues, dusky reds and earthy browns.

“For me creating is an essential part of my life. If you don’t continue experimenting and learning something new, you might as well just go back to bed.”
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