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18-Karat Gold Opal and Diamond Ring
By the conclusion of the 1800s the location presently known as Times Square was becoming New York City’s heart of social activity.

A thriving theater district, Times Square is populated with plenty of electric billboards that help provide the ambience of the city that never sleeps.  New York is also home to Henry Dunay. 

Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you just could not find the words to describe it? 

You just sat there dumbfounded; marveling at how something so flawless could exist in such an imperfect world. 

That is precisely how I felt when viewing Dunay’s lush designs at estate and fine jewelry retailer 1stdibs.com. 

Known for his perfectionism and meticulous craftsmanship, Dunay’s exquisite luxury jewelry collections in 18-karat yellow gold have won him over fifty global awards including the DeBeers Diamonds International Award.  In addition, Robb Report Magazine named him the Annual Best of the Best Jewelry Designer in the World for two consecutive years.

His dedication to innovative design helped to propel him as one of the USA’s top jewelry designers as well as helped to change the worldview of America’s lackluster, second-rate reputation in the jewelry industry.

Born in New Jersey, Dunay’s first introduction to the jewelry industry came at the age of fourteen when he worked as a messenger for New York-based jeweler Rudolph Caccioli.  Caccioli recognized Dunay’s ambition and drive as the youth swam competitively in the Pan American Games.  Subsequently, Caccioli allowed Dunay to serve as his apprentice; an endeavor that would ignite Dunay’s innate artistic gifts. 
18-Karat Gold Pendant Necklace
with Tangerie Moonstone and Diamonds

Within seven years, at age 21, the apprentice was ready to venture out with his own brand, Henry Dunay Designs.  His penchant for extraordinary surface details that include his signature brushed, Sabi finishes and deeply carved Faceted minutiae in 18-karat yellow gold, as well as his ability to select some the most unique gemstones put him on the map as a supremely gifted jewelry maker.

“All of my designs center around a gemstone,” he says.  “Fist I find the perfect stone and then build around it.”  Dunay incorporates such splendid gemstones as jade, diamonds, coral, rose quartz, opal and tangerine moonstone within cuff bracelets, pendant necklaces and stud earrings.  His jewelry pieces are statement makers without being extreme; timeless without being conventional.

For instance, there is a gorgeous 18-karat gold ring wherein the ring setting and shank are textured like gathered, fine threads.  A graceful twist of pavé set diamonds partially surrounds the setting while twined gold completes the setting’s outline  The actual stone highlighting the setting is a breathtaking opal wherein a play of yellow, red and green dance like a pool of sheer color.

Over the last 55 years Dunay’s imaginative and elegant fine jewelry collections have an impressive following that includes politicians like Hillary Clinton, entertainers, and dignitaries; however, his brand like many in the industry felt the sting of the economic downturn.

In June 2009, Dunay filed for Chapter 11 and eight months later the intellectual property for Henry Dunay Designs, including the brand name, was sold to Sandawana Holdings Ltd.    In February 2011 Sandawanda Holdings Ltd. re-launched the brand keeping in-line with Dunay’s world renowned aesthetic and commitment to high quality craftsmanship.

Nonetheless you cannot keep a great jeweler down as Dunay has repositioned himself with a scaled back brand, H.D.D., Inc.  With his offices located in New York’s Diamond District, the 76-year-old artisan now focuses on custom jewelry and one-of-a-kind pieces.
18-Karat Gold and Diamond Cuff Bracelet
“I don’t compromise when creating objects of ultimate beauty.

My passion for fine jewelry is meticulously channeled into every step of the process—from design to gem selection to crafting the finished piece.”
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