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Sterling Silver and Amazonite Echo Bracelet
The city of Chiclayo, located in the northern region of Peru, is a thriving business center that also boasts gorgeous oases and museums that includes Brüning Museum.  Peru is also home to Claudia Llaury.

The Peruvian jewelry designers I have featured gravitate towards a very clean, modern aesthetic akin to jewelers from Central Europe. 

However, I believe the differentiating aspect between their designs is the Peruvian predilection for bold, opaque gemstones with cabochon facets set within often complex yet classic designs.

Llaury’s modern sterling silver jewelry is inspired by lakes, clouds, and the “rolling waves” of the Amazon River.  In 2005, the forty-year old gave up a career in marketing to actively “develop my creative side” by designing timeless jewelry pieces that are simultaneously sleek and eye catching.

Llaury has a wonderful ability to create fresh takes on silver cocktail rings, pendant necklaces, and dome rings.   “I have always had what I call 'creative restlessness'.  I used to daydream about new shapes and color combinations, but I hadn’t considered developing my artistic instincts any further,” she recalls.

“This is a totally new adventure for me, and I love the fact there is always something new to learn every day.  Expert silversmiths help me to translate my designs into extraordinary jewelry pieces.

Sterling Silver and Opal Raindrop Dangle Earrings
The inspiration for my Desert Oasis Pendant Necklace comes from Ica with its verdant oasis as well as La Huacachina and its golden desert sands. 
The blue-green chrysocolla stone of my Sea and Sky Dome Ring represents, of course, the sky and sea.  The chrysocolla stone intensifies the natural gleam of the silver.  It is a simple but elegant ring.”

Llaury’s sterling silver and black obsidian Cosmopolitan Dome Ring is a mechanistic take on the design that does not contain an actual dome shape; instead the piece is cylindrical and is Llaury’s interpretation of love.
Sterling Silver Eye of the Amazon Bracelet with Chrysocolla
“This design is meant to be a constant reminder of the importance of love in every sense and to apply it to those around us,” she says.

“My intention is to show a different facet of Peruvian artistry, which I consider to be dynamic.

My team and I look at what is trendy but our ideas are an exploration of our own creativity.”
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