Monday, March 12, 2012


Azure Dreamcatcher Chandelier Earrings
with Topaz
Located within northeastern Thailand is a magnificent temple known as the Prasat Hin Phimai. 

The structure is characterized by concentric enclosures and ominous protective outer walls.  Thailand is also home to Busarin Hutawarakorn.

Jewelry design is definitely an outlet for expressive creativity. 

It is a profession that merges the intellect with intuition where Giovanni Corvaja (Italy) spun gold into fur for his Golden Fleece Collection; Yael Sonia (France) renders glorified rattle toys for grown-ups; and Alan Ardiff (Ireland) implements moving components to whimsical designs that tell a story.

For thirty-six year old Hutawarakorn a love for nature and jewelry served as the catalyst to become a jeweler.  “I wanted to be independent and earn a living from something I love,” she says.  “The idea of jewelry making came not only because I love jewelry but also because it goes along so well with women.”
Carnelian and Garnet Forest Garland Wrap Bracelet
The youngest of three children, Hutawarakorn beautifully expresses the wonder of nature including butterflies, raindrops, and culturally revered flowers with lushly colored semi-precious gemstones and glass beads.

Using stainless steel or sterling silver wire as the basis of her handmade jewelry designs, she painstakingly creates buoyant and sublime wrap bracelets, brooch pins, collar necklaces and drop earringsthat are perfect as either bridal or bridesmaid jewelry.  The assortment of deep and pastel colors makes each piece a stunner of clean, fresh beauty.

“My jewelry is skillfully handmade with delicate patterns.  Most of my patterns display butterflies, dragonflies, flowers and other images that put people and nature back together. 

Golden Cascade Pendant Necklace
with Citrine
I am aided by five artisans who are very thankful to have steady work and a secure income.

I donate regularly to an orphanage that makes me especially glad to give needy children a chance to live and grow.”
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