Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Bronze Forest Earrings with
Green Serpentine
The city of Helsinki is one of Finland’s most densely populated areas boasting several islands including Seuraari, and Korkeasaari; the latter of which is the location of Finland’s largest zoo.  Finland was also home to the late Kaisleena Makela.

Nature, mythological iconography and ancient, Finnish cave paintings inform Makela’s somewhat rustic yet timeless 24-karat gold, bronze, sterling silver and gemstone jewelry collections.

A designer for Finnish jewelry manufacturer Kalevala Jewelry for 18 years, Makela strived to bring purity and modernism to her collections.  

A graduate of both Japan’s Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College, and Finland’s Polytechnic Institute of Design the accomplished silversmith loved immersing herself in ancient Finnish symbolism. 

The bear, horse and mysterious forestlands are linked and connected to the wisdom of the ages and the divine; representing power, loyalty and peace.

Her classic aesthetic is distinguished by an earthy beauty of engravings or lovely gemstones like green sodalite and serpentine.  Unlike the cuddliness of many a teddy bear pendant necklace, Makela’s Bear Pendant is cute but in a grownup way.  Its sleek contours are reminiscent of archaic pictographs as is her Hors Brooch Pin.
Bronze Bear Pendant Necklace

“With my jewelry I hope that I can bring people joy and feelings of commitment.”

The talented, earnest jeweler was laid to rest in April of 2011; however, her elegant charm jewelry is available to buy online at Kalevala Jewelry.
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