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Sterling Silver Small Lotus Heart Earrings
from Studio Line
At over 200 years old Canada’s Old Town Lunenburg is still a wonder of meticulously crafted architecture making it a National Historic District.  Canada is also home to Sonja Picard.

In some cases, I think there is a double standard within our perception of aesthetic beauty. 

On the one hand beauty is greatly prized; but on the other hand beauty is sometimes viewed as an insubstantial characteristic.  So my question is: can something possessing great beauty also harbor some level of gravity?

The creations of American jewelry designers Satya Scainetti and Beth Torstrick Ward of Satya Jewelry, Virginia-based K Robins of K Robins Designs, and Israeli David Weitzman of Ka Gold Jewelry are a sampling of jewelers that impart a hefty dose of grounding spirituality to the shiny and the pretty. 

The lush gold pendants, cuff bracelets, and charm necklaces of their respective jewelry collections are far more than lucky charm, feel good baubles to make a wish on.  They are created for the express purpose of elevating consciousness, and uplifting the wearer.

A sculptor and artist since 1990, Picard is renowned for her internationally acclaimed “ceramic giftware”.  Sixteen years ago, however, like her colleagues Weitzman, Robins, Scainetti and Torstrick Ward, Picard embarked on a journey of spiritual awakening.

14-Karat Gold and Pink Kunzite
Om Ring from Couture Collection
During weekly yogic teachings--or satsangs--with her guru she felt compelled to express the transformative philosophy through jewelry.  “My notes during class became sketches.  The guru’s words somehow transformed into a dimensional piece.  It just seemed logical to find a way to remind myself daily of its wisdom.  A jewelry line was born.”

In 2000, Picard was ready to launch her yogic-inspired SonjaPicard Collection that “consists of SPC Studio which feature pieces created in silver; and Sonja Picard Couture Collection with creations in silver, multi-color 14-karat gold and 22-karat wrappings around exquisite gemstones.”

Mantras are engraved in Sanskrit on every design from stunning gold rings, silver pendants and sterling silver gemstone rings.  Picard’s aesthetic is informed by the simple, pure beauty of open circle necklaces, unique heart earrings, and disc necklaces.  Each design is hand carved in wax giving these pieces a rustic, naturalistic beauty.

The pieces from her Couture Line are particularly eye-catching such as the remarkable 14-karat gold Om Ring that features an amazing 11 carat cushion cut pink kunzite stone set on an engraved shank; and the dazzling details of her 14-karat yellow gold Lotus Flower Earrings with tiny diamonds. 

Incidentally ABC News correspondent Carla Wohl wore items from Picard’s Couture Line while covering red carpet arrivals during the 2008 and 2009 Academy Awards.

Items from her primarily sterling silver Studio Line though more casual in tone can be layered which make for very striking combinations.
Sterling Silver Modern Matra Pendant Necklace
from Studio Line
“I am inspired by yogic philosophy and its traditions of adornment.

My vision is not only to create adornment for its beauty but also for the wearer to connect to the meaning of the piece as a form of meditation throughout the day, as a reminder of the divinity within themselves and that which is around them.”
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