Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Gemstone Pendant Necklace
Built under the order of Constantine the Great, Israel’s Holy Sepulchre Church is a massive complex that highlights various locations of Christ’s somber journey to the cross.  Israel is also the home of featured jewelry designer Ehud Barlev. 

On Barlev’s official website, the words “pure jewelry” is written just beneath the jeweler’s brand name, Julieli. 

These words perfectly summarize his aesthetic.  Barlev’s gorgeous fine jewelry collection--inspired by nature’s stunning beauty--mixes classic, subtle designs with fabulous nuance.

Smooth cabochon cuts of aquamarine, smoky quartz, white diamonds and tourmaline offset the matte finish of 18-, 22- and 24-karat gold; the cool gleam of sterling silver; and the rich hues of ebony.

A former stagehand and artist, Barlev found his stride with jewelry making. After “developing unique methods for working with gold,” he collaborated with his wife, Hedva, founding his company over a decade ago.

18-Karat Gold Aquamarine, Tourmaline
and Diamond Earrings

His delicate yet commanding bangle bracelets, gold rings, and gold necklaces are like pared down versions of ancient jewelry artifacts.  In 2010, Barlev’s breathtaking renderings won the low-key jeweler an award for innovations in fine jewelry in the Centurioun Emerging Designers Competition.

“Hedva and I have a deep sensitivity to the relationship between work methods, materials and conceptual expression.
18-Karat Gold Ebony and Diamond Rings
We strive to bring a tenuous meeting between evolution and engineering in collections that embody leaves and raindrops, nature and man, and the warmth and richness of natural materials.”
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