Monday, November 3, 2014


18K Gold Aestivation Ruby Stack Rings
With tourist spots that include Cat Ba Island and Elephant Mountain the city of Hai Phong, located in Vietnam, is a destination rich with historical landmarks.

Vietnam is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Yen Duong.

There is a science to jewelry making that for Duong involves knowing how to manipulate metal into forms that move with the wearer and rests comfortably against the skin.

For 18 years the London-based jeweler’s “uncompromising passion for distinctive jewelry” has rendered collections inspired by the complex world of molecules. 

Using sterling or oxidized silver and 18-karat gold, Duong creates choker necklaces with flowing silver wires or gold stacking rings peppered by an askew cluster of tiny spheres.  Her precision-driven aesthetic is a captivating display of intricacy and delicacy.
18K Gold Enchantment Drop Necklace with Black Diamonds
“I am very sensitive to the malleability of the metals I use,” says Duong, “Movement and articulation are defining aspects of my brand, Yen Jewellery.  

Each piece is handmade and made up, in many cases, of hundreds of repetitive elements.  In some designs, like the items from my Pebble range, there are an extensive number of soldered joints and silver grains to create the designs.  I love to experiment and reinvent my work to maintain a freshness and energy.  
18K Gold Enchantment Cluster Earrings
with Black Diamonds

The tactile and playful nature of the pieces creates a sensual experience and intimate relationship with the wearer.”
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