Monday, November 24, 2014


Sterling Silver Temple Gate Necklace
with 18K Gold Accents and Leather Cord
With its pristine white sands and stunning blue waters Pantai Geger is one of Nusa Dua, Indonesia’s popular beaches.  

Serangan Island is a treat for those who want to get up-close and personal with turtles.  Known as Turtle Island, Serangan Island is “considered a conservation area” for the reptiles. 

Indonesia is also home to featured jewelry designer Komang Wijayana.

Bali is arguably a premier location to find the world’s most skilled silversmiths. 

True to the area’s silversmithing heritage, Wijayana’s sterling silver jewelry collections are a testament to his extraordinary attention to detail and craftsmanship. 

His cuff bracelets, cocktail rings and hoop earrings highlight the marriage of contemporary styles with fabulous Balinese nuances of strong surface textures that include granulation and arabesque details.
Sterling Silver Balinese Lace Cuff Bracelet with
18K Gold Accents
The ambitious twenty-four-year-old learned jewelry making from his parents who are master jewelers.  “They taught me everything!  My parents told me when I was ten years old they wanted me to learn about silver jewelry so that I would be able to make a living from it,” he enthuses.
Sterling Silver Blue Camellia Dangle Earrings
with Cultured Blue Pearl

“Because of the way my parents love their work I love this world of jewelry.  I feel like nothing will stop me in this career.”
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